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Bet Football Playoff Games in the NFC and AFC

We’ve got lines. This blog is being written on a Tuesday night. So, by this point in the week, we’ve got lines. Now, anything can change. Indeed, look at the Pittsburgh and Cleveland game just today. People on the West Coast woke up to find out that the Browns’ coach, as well as a starting offensive lineman and backup receiver, are all going to miss the game for COVID-19. That’s got the line moving already. It opened at around Steelers by 4.5, now it’s up to 6.5 at our site. It could continue to climb. So, what you see in this blog reflects what was true at the time. Things in the NFL are always on the move. As ever, you can bet football playoff games in the NFC and AFC at BetNow. 

Bet Football Playoff Games in the NFC on Saturday 

With the new playoff format, things are a bit different. Yes, there are still three games on Saturday and Sunday in the Wild Card round. But, only one team gets a bye in each conference. In the AFC, it’s the Chiefs and in the NFC it’s the Pack. This also means that one conference will have two games on one day and the other will have two games on the other. Saturday is the NFC’s time to shine, baby. 

After the early tilt with the Colts going to Buffalo in the AFC, the NFC takes over. Specifically, it takes over out west as an NFC West divisional rivalry continues. The LA Rams head up the 5 to Seattle to take on the NFC West champion Seahawks. With the Rams, well, you never know what you’re going to get. A couple years ago, this was a team that went to the Super Bowl. A few weeks ago, they lost to the Jets. 

But, any team with the great Aaron Donald can’t ever, ever be counted out. A future first ballot hall of famer, he’s the rare defensive player who can literally just take over a game on his own. Of course, the Seahawks know a bit about players who can take over a game on their own, with Russell Wilson. The Seahawks made a lot of changes to have a better defense as the season went on, so as to give Russell a bit of help. Yes, Russell has struggled down the stretch. Then again, in many ways, so did the Rams. 

That said, the handicappers see this as a close one. The Rams having basically played a defacto playoff game against the Cards and coming out on top couldn’t have hurt. As of this writing, we have it as Seahawks by four. So, how do you feel about that? Do you think the 12th Man (such as they are in COVID-19 times) are enough to power the Seahawks to win by more than a field goal? Or, do you see Donald and the Rams riding into Seattle and keeping it close, if not outright winning? 

More NFC Playoff Games 

Saturday night might have the most unique matchup in the Wild Card round. Sure, there are big time divisional rivalries between teams that see each other and hate each other. Then, there are games between teams that don’t play each other all that often yet, meet on this stage, with the highest stakes. That’s exactly what’s going to happen on Saturday night when Tom Brady goes into Washington to play the Football Team. 

Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win a championship. There’s no other way to put that, no interpretation. He’s there to win. They didn’t want to pay him in New England, also that entire team had expired, so he wanted to go somewhere to win. That route starts in Washington. That said, the Washington D line is legit. Between them and a good running game, those are things that travel in the playoffs, so to speak. Washington won’t beat themselves. Can the Bucs do it? See you this Wild Card weekend (and beyond) at the best football betting website, BetNow!