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Bet Football Games that Matter on Monday Night and Beyond

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Football Games

In many ways, football isn’t like the other sports. One critical difference: in football, all of the teams don’t play each other. They can’t. The schedule would be too long, it would not work in any way. So, it means that, in college, pro, and every other league, sometimes, the best teams don’t play each other. Sure, they might meet in the playoffs, but there could be injuries, etc. It’s rare that the best teams play each other. Well, it will happen tonight. Even if you read this after Monday night football, there will be plenty of time to bet football games at BetNow. 

Bet Football Games: Chiefs vs. Ravens 

This is the matchup we all want, right? After all, it’s sure the one we thought we were going to get in the AFC Championship Game last year. The Ravens, after such an incredible regular season, were going to roll on their way to the Super Bowl. They had home field advantage throughout the playoffs, the league’s best player, a championship-caliber defense. This was to be the beginning, perhaps, of the Raven Dynasty. 

Of course, none of that happened. Henry and the Titans ran over the Ravens. Lamar, for all his greatness, does tend to turn the ball over sometimes (look at the game in Pittsburgh last year, the one where Mason Rudolph got knocked out). The Ravens got embarrassed at home, leading to yet another playoff failure. 

But, the Ravens are quite great in the regular season. It’s been a long time since two teams that were on these kinds of regular season win streaks met in the regular season. One of them has to lose tonight (unless there’s a tie, but, uh, we might not necessarily bet on that ourselves. 

The Real Champs and Betting 

While the Ravens disappointed in the playoffs yet again, the Chiefs did not. They beat all comers and rolled to the Super Bowl. Yes, they fell behind in games, but they showed their championship mettle when they came back in each of them. Now, they’re trying to do what no one’s done in some time: repeat. 

They have all of the pieces to do so. Of course, it’s the NFL, so keeping everyone healthy is not going to be easy. If anything, the Chiefs might have more weapons than they did a year ago, so the team is scary indeed. That said, they almost lost in LA to a rookie QB and a suspect Charger team. Truly, anything can happen. 

The Line and More 

Indeed, the handicappers seem to think that this game is between two evenly matched teams. The line is three points. For the most part, they give you three points for being at home. Baltimore gets the three points as the game will be in the Inner Harbor. Should the game have been in the Chiefs’ Kingdom, then it might have been KC who was favored. 

One more thing the handicappers believe in: offense. Sure, there are some great players on both teams’ defenses, but the QBs run the show here. We’ve got an over/under (as of this writing) of 54.5 points. That’s a lot of points… or is it? Do you think these two teams are going to hit the over or the under tonight? 

Hopefully, you bet this game and win. Even if you don’t, hopefully, you got a chance to see it and experience it, as regular season games don’t come around like this all that often. Remember the Rams/Chiefs game in Mexico City? This feels kinda like that. Of course, you don’t have to wait long for more NFL betting action, as we’ll be back on Thursday night for football betting there. 

Yes, the Broncos and the Jets might not have the same Super Bowl implications that tonight’s game does. But, you never know. Besides, if you win a lot of money on the game, it can be a real Super Bowl to you. There will be great betting action all season long right here at BetNow.