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Bet Football Games Online when Lines Move

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Football Games online

Betting lines. Like our lives, they don’t tend to stay in the same place very often. They can change at a moment’s notice. What seems like it’s going to be a line that will stay in one place will shift to something else. That’s why we encourage people to bet as early as possible. If you have a good feeling about something, bet it early – lock that line in. The line is subject to change. It can become something else and often does, throughout the course of a week (much less a season). Bet football games online as ever right here at BetNow. 

Bet Football Games Online on Thursday Night when the Line Moves 

When we last spoke to you in these blogs, the Thursday Night football game was as pick-em. That meant that we didn’t have a winner in mind for the game. Both teams were good, evenly matched, so even our pro handicappers didn’t pick one team to win over another. That has changed since the last time we wrote one of these. 

Now, we have the Colts as a one-point favorite. Does that mean that all of a sudden, the Titans became a worse team? No. It might be a reflection that, during this pandemic marred season, home field doesn’t mean what it did. Sure, you want to play at home, maybe you have some of your fans at this point, but it’s not like it was. The noise of the fans is not right on top of you like they might have been. That could contribute to it, as could so many other factors. 

If you already bet the pick-em, you’ll be good for that. You’re locked in. If you haven’t decided yet, this is where the money is moving. The money has said Colts. What do you say? Do you see Rivers and that tough Colts D coming into Nashville and giving them another loss? Or, after a rough month, do you see the Titans turning this around and becoming the AFC contender that we all thought they’d be in January? 

Other Games to Bet On 

As of this writing, there’s still no line with the Bengals in Pittsburgh or the Football Team in Detroit. COVID-19 is, of course, the cause for that. But, other lines are coming into focus. .For example, the Texans are going into Cleveland, they’re a dog. How do you feel about that? The Browns are a 3.5 point favorite at home. Do you feel that good about the Browns? Or, do you see this as a way for the Texans to begin their long climb back to respectability? 

Speaking of respectability, the handicappers don’t have a lot of it for the Niners this weekend. They head back to New Orleans, where the Saints are a ten point favorite. That game Sunday night was impressive. No one has made the Brady Bucs look that bad before the Saints did it. Do you think that continues? Or, do the Saints have a bit of a let down after their biggest game (so far) of this year? 

On the subject of “how the mighty have fallen” the Ravens head into Foxboro where the Ravens are a seven point favorite. How many times in the last 20 years have the Pats been a touchdown dog in their own stadium? The Ravens, of course, tough losses to Pittsburgh and the Chiefs aside, are a very good team. The Pats have struggled but had enough to get past Flacco and the Jets last weekend. How do you feel about this one? 

The above are just some of the games that will be available this weekend. Remember we have college football to be played, too. You’ll be able to bet on all football games and so much more all season Long at BetNow!