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Bet Football Games on Thanksgiving Night

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Football Games

Thanksgiving Day. This is a time of family, of friends, and of course, of watching football. Whether you’re doing Thanksgiving with your loved ones or over Zoom, the football action is going to be great. There will be at least two games that matter in the course of the playoffs and three that have interesting football lines to bet on. When it comes to the NFL, of course, the place to bet football online is BetNow. You can bet football games here at any time, but especially during a holiday. 

Bet Football Games on Thanksgiving Night 

Ravens. Steelers. Football’s best divisional rivalry over the last two decades continues Thursday night. The Steelers’ first-ever home Thanksgiving night brings in their one true rival, the Baltimore Ravens. However, these teams have gone in opposite directions since the last time they met. The Steelers have continued to win, albeit in less than impressive ways, sometimes. The Ravens, however, have lost multiple games, including on the road in New England at a home, in overtime, to the Titans. 

The line started at Steelers by three, but, at the time of this writing, has moved to Steelers by four and a half. Again, that could change. The Ravens have had some trouble with COVID-19, losing their top two running backs and a defensive lineman to it. Things can change between now and game time, but, since the game is Thursday night, game time isn’t all that far away. 

NFC Games During the Day 

The Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving Day. That’s the way it was for your parents. That’s the way it was for your grandparents. As long as there is an NFL, the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving Day. While this year’s game really won’t have much to do with the playoffs, it is an interesting matchup. The Texans are a strange team, in that they’re out of the playoffs, yet still have a genuine, bonafide franchise quarterback. 

The Texans come off of beating the Patriots. While the Pats aren’t what they were, they have been fighting for their playoff lives and were coming off of their most impressive performance: beating the Ravens at home. That said, it’s hard to trust the Texans week to week. As of now, we’ve got the Texans favored by three on the road. 

That said, we do see this as a game that’s going to have some high scoring. The over/under is 51.5. This could be just the kind of game to ease you into your food coma: high scoring, running up and down the field, one team wins and then another, back and forth, etc. it ultimately may not have a lot to do with playoff seeding, exactly, but, it could be a blast to watch. This is a great game for the appetizers, for one thing. Will you be betting online on it? And if so, who do you have? 

NFC East Supremacy 

OK, “supremacy” is a strong word. But, the first team to six wins is going to have a real chance at winning the NFC East (if, indeed, anyone gets to six wins). So, this game with the Washington Football Team heading to Dallas does have real playoff implications. The Cowboys have Andy Dalton back under center. Sure, he may not be Boomer Esiason, but he’s a real, serviceable NFL QB. He can win some games, particularly if the defense comes on. 

That said, the Football Team does have a real defensive line. There may be genuine questions up and down the Washington roster (as well as the entire NFC East) but the D-line is legit. Chase Young has looked like everything he’s supposed to be. Once they put more around him, this team will have a chance to come on. Someone is going to host a playoff game at home. This game could go a long way toward deciding that. As ever, the best place to decide to bet your money is at BetNow.