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Bet Football Games Championship Weekend

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Football Games Championship

There are lots of football weekends, but there’s only one championship weekend. OK, technically, there are two, yes (including the February weekend when someone, you know, gets a championship). But, this Sunday, two teams are going to go to the Super Bowl. Technically, they will be the champions of the AFC and the NFC. We’ve got a long way to go till then, as these games are going to be intense. Who do you got? It’s time to bet football games championship at BetNow. 

Bet Football Games: the NFC Title Game 

The NFC Title Game is looking as if it’s getting more interesting all of the time. The Los Angeles Rams will host the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams getting here is, perhaps, not a surprise. After all, they were a real “Super Bowl or bust” team all season, getting players like Von Miller and Odell Beckahm Jr. during the season, in an effort to win now. That goes along with moves they made in the offseason, such as getting Matthew Stafford for a bevy of pics from the Lions. 

The Niners, on the other hand, weren’t expected to be here. Sure, they were expected by many to be better than they were last season, when they were just absolutely swamped with injuries. And, as some had seemingly forgotten, it wasn’t all that long ago that they had gone to the Super Bowl. But, for a team that picked so high in the draft, it seemed unlikely that they would get here. Yet, here they are. 

Home Field Advantage? 

It’s rare that, in a conference title game, the home field advantage isn’t important. After all, think of how many title games you’ve seen in New England Patriots, in Pittsburgh, in Green Bay – places where it’s cold, where it snows, and where maybe the other team isn’t ready for that. Obviously, that’s not the case in Los Angeles. 

But, what is interesting is that it may not be much of a home field advantage after all. The Rams, reports are saying, are having trouble getting Rams fans to the Rams’ House. Indeed, the last time the Niners played there (and they do once a year as division foes) they had a majority of the fans in the stadium. That very well might be the case during this pivotal game. Indeed, that could be one of the reasons that the Rams are only a 3.5 point favorite as of this writing. You get three points for being at home, but… do you really? How do you see this one playing out? Do the Rams get a win in front of the “home” fans? Or, do the Niners roll on to yet another Super Bowl? 

Bet Football Games Championship: Bet the AFC Title Game 

In the AFC title game, on the other hand, the home team has no worries about their stadium. Indeed, going by the (rather specious) stat that the Chiefs’ Kingdom has, it has been the loudest stadium in the league. It certainly is loud for an outdoor stadium, compared to so many of the more modern-day domes. That said, they’re going to have quite a challenge playing the Bengals on Sunday. 

The Bengals, once they got Joe Burrow, were expected to be better. After so many years of picking quarterback after quarterback, Burrow was seen, rightly and quickly, as the real thing. (No Akili Smith here.) But, many have been surprised by just how great he’s been this season, particularly with his old buddy Chase from college. The defense has come a long way, some smart decisions and (finally) draft picks paying off have put the Bengals into the title game for the first time since the late 80s. 

That said, there was nothing in the late 80s like this current Chiefs’ offense. It’s something new and amazing. What Mahomes and company have done (and not just against the Bills) is as wild as it gets. Their defense has come a long way, too, adding players like Ingram during the season. How do you see this going? We have the Chiefs as a seven point favorite at home. Who’s going to the Super Bowl? You can always bet football games online at BetNow.