Bet Baseball How You Want at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet baseball

Have you been looking to bet baseball games? Do you want to bet but don’t necessarily just want to bet on who wins each game? That’s understandable. We know that, when it comes to betting on ball games, there’s plenty of places to do it online. But, that doesn’t mean that they all make it possible to bet how you would like. That’s where we come in. We have more ways to bet on ball than you can find anywhere else. 

That way, you can bet how you want when you want. If there’s a baseball game, you’ll be able to bet on it how you want right here at BetNow. 

Bet Baseball With Our Lines 

Here at BetNow, we offer quite a bit. Our own site, you can bet using Bitcoin and so much else, etc. But, we also offer something else: lines made by our handicappers. These pros make it so that you can bet on a legit line, one that you’d feel comfortable betting. These are lines you can’t find anywhere else, made our pro, trusted handicappers. 

Beyond that, we also make it so that you can bet the over/under and money line from our pros, too. They know the games, they know what’s legit, and they know what’s going to be enticing to bettors who know what they’re doing. Hence, these lines fit exactly what the people are looking for. 

We also know that there are some bettors for whom those lines aren’t exactly what they’re going to be looking for. So, that’s why we also offer “alternative run lines,” too. These are exactly what they sound like: they’re alternative options for the lines that we offer. We have plenty of handicappers, each of which have their own expertise and beliefs. Thus, in the interest of always offering more betting for our bettors, we make these alternative lines available, too. 

Series Price and Team Totals 

Unique among the sports, baseball offers season series. As the sport dates back to when players would travel from city to city by rail exclusively, baseball has always had the “series” system – teams fly into a city, play a few games, and then leave to go to the next city. These “series” can be exciting, as they make teams play each other quite a bit in a short period of time .

So, to offer more options to our bettors, we’ve made it so that you can bet on “series” odds. Yes, you’ll still be able to bet on all of the playoffs when they arrive (of course). But, until then, you’ll be able to bet on all of the “series” here as well. For example, as of this writing, we have a “series price odds” option in the American League, specifically a series between two AL West rivals. 

The Houston Astros are heading west to Anaheim, to take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We’ve got the Astros as a -120 favorite in The Big A. That said, we don’t have them as a heavy favorite, as the Angels are +120 on the odds. So, this is a series that could go either way. How do you see it going? 

We also make it so that you can bet on “Team Totals,” too. Sometimes, you may not feel good about a team winning, but you do feel good about their offense. Or, alternatively, maybe you don’t feel so good at all about the other team’s pitching. So, to that end, you could bet on a team to score a lot of runs. That’s what this option is for. 

Or, alternatively, maybe you know that one team has truly great pitching and the other team is rather anemic offensively. Thus, you might want to bet on this, too. We set an over/under for how many runs that a team is going to score in a game. Then, you can bet over or under that at our site. 

Winning Margin and More Ways to Win 

For another way to bet, we’ve made it so that you can bet by how much a team is going to win a game. If you think one team is way better than another, is going to blow the other out (or if you think it’s going to be tight) you can bet that at our site as well. 

To see all of the ways that you can bet baseball here (as well as every other sport) head to our site. Good luck to you all season long!