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Bet Baseball Here

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Baseball Here

The regular season is here. It took forever (and a work stoppage) but it’s here. The time has come to play ball (literally). Beyond that, the time has come to bet ball, too. In fact, as with every other season, you’ll be able to bet baseball right here at BretNow. It’s one more way to provide our customers with the best betting experience possible. That’s why we offer as many sports as possible, including baseball. We’ve got a full slate of games here during Opening Week, lasting all the way through the end of the World Series. 

The National League This Weekend 

We take great pride in offering the games that you want to bet. To that end, we’ve got all of the games. The National League, the American League, the Interleague – if it’s happening, we’ve got it at our site. So, we’ll have every game. If you want the NL Central, we’ve got that, with the Pirates heading to St. Louis (the Cards by 1.5 runs) and the Brew Crew heading to Wrigley (with the Brew Crew favored by 1.5 as well). 

That said, we’ve also got games across divisions, like the Fish heading west to San Francisco to take on the Giants. The Reds go south to take on the defending world champions, as the Braves are favored by 1.5 runs at home as well. Those are the only “across division” games on Saturday. 

The NL West gets its game on through the rest of Saturday night. To that end, the LA Dodgers go to Denver to take on the Blake Street Bombers, as LA is favored by 1.5 runs in this one. In the last NL game of the day, the Padres go east (a bit) to take on the Snakes, as the Padres are also a 1.5 run favorite on the road. 

The American League 

The above is just what’s happening in the National League. The truth is that there’s a full slate of games in the American League, too. To that end, the day starts in the AL East, as the Os head south to take on the Rays. These are two teams with two different expectations for how this season will go (to put it mildly). But, in one game, anything can happen. The Os are a 1.5 run underdog in this one. 

Staying in the AL East, the great, eternal rivalry continues in the Bronx as the Yankees host the Red Sox a bit later on in the day. The Yanks are a 1.5 run favorite in this one. Not all AL East teams are playing in the division. The Blue Jays host the Rangers in the afternoon, with a 1.5 run favorite going to the Blue Jays in this one. 

The AL Central gets in on the cross-divisional action, as the Twins host Seattle. This is a good game between two teams looking to make waves in the AL this year, and the Twins are a 1.5 favorite at home. 

The last two games of the day in the AL include the Guardians (yes, that’s the official name now) going west but staying in the division to take on Kansas City at their place. SAlso staying in their division are the Astros, heading west to take on the Angels at the Big Halo. Astros are favored here, too. How do you see any of these games going? 

Interleague and Beyond 

Yes, there is one interleague series to start off the season: Oakland heads east to Philadelphia to take on the Phils. But, this is just what we’ll offer on Saturday. There are great games all season long, all of which are available right here at BetNow. Of course, you don’t just have to bet on baseball 2022. You can bet on so much else at our site, too. Basketball, hockey, and so much more – it’s all right here, all season long. Good luck to you in this baseball season and beyond!