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Bet NBA Playoffs Tonight

You want the hottest 2022 NBA betting action? We’ve got it right here. What a first round this has been already. It’s been so tight (with the exception of a few notable series.) That said, there’s great teams up and down the ledger playing big games against each other. This coming day is no exception. You’ll be able to bet NBA playoffs tonight right here at BetNow as three big games, across the East and the West, take place. 

Now, when we say that you can bet on these big games, that doesn’t mean that you can just bet on these big games on this night. Oh no, we’ve made it so that you can bet on every game in the NBA playoffs. And, of course, the NHL playoffs, the MLB season, and everything else, as it comes. We have the betting options right here at BetNow. 

Bet 2022 NBA Playoffs Tonight: Suns and Pels 

Sooner or later, most teams (unless they run through the playoffs) have to fight to stave off elimination. Many teams have to do it multiple times. The Pelicans find themselves in such a predicament on Thursday night. The good news for them is that they’re at home, with a chance to hold off the Suns and force a Game 7 back in Phoenix.

The problem is, at least, as our handicappers see it, we don’t think they’re going to. Specifically, we’ve got the Suns as a two point favorite on the road. We see it as being a high scoring game (with an over/under of 214) but we do have the Suns winning, closing out the series, and moving on. How do you see it going? Will the Suns burn brightly once again, drying out New Orleans? Or, do the Pelicans swoop in and swoop out with a victory, living to fight another day? 

Mavs and Jazz 

Staying in the West, we’ve got the Utah Jazz playing for their lives at home, too. They’re holding Dallas, a tough team anywhere. The Jazz have played well, and this is, as so many have already said, quite an even series. Realy, it’s come down to a few plays and a few players, here or there. Now, the Jazz have to be the team to step up in front of their home fans. How do you see it going? 

No, we’re really asking here. See, as of this writing, our handicappers have this as a “pick ‘em.” That means that, well, we don’t know who should win this game. We believe that this is the line that’s going to get the most folks paying attention. And, to be perfectly honest, if you’ve watched much of this series, it’s the right line. These are two evenly matched teams. The series was going to be 3-2 just because five games have been played. 

What do you think is going to happen in Game 6? Do the Jazz play strong and loud at home, going back to Big D for Game 7? Or, do the Mavs run roughshod and close it out here in Utah? 

Bet NBA Playoffs Tonight: Sixers and Raptors 

Now that we’ve got through the two big games in the West, it’s time to go to the big Game 6 in the East on Thursday night, the one between the Sixers and the Raptors. The Raptors, like the two home teams, are playing for their playoff lives at home. They have to win or else there won’t be any more games in this series, as the Sixers would move on. How do you see this one going? 

Again, this series has perhaps been more close than many might have anticipated before the series began. The Raptors, are, of course, a very well coached team, smart and didsc8pilkned.  The Sixers are very good, one of the favorites in the East. We have them favored to win this game and move on, but man, we don’t have it by much.

We see the Sixers as a 1.5 point favorite in this game. Now, as you know, that’s not much of a line. Indeed, this one really could go either way. One possession, one steal, one shot – that’s what it could come down to. That’s the difference between Game 7 and the 2nd round. How do you see it going down on Thursday? You can bet every basketball game every night here at BetNow!