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Bet the NBA Playoffs Round 1

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet playoffs round 1

It’s here. No more waiting. No more “well we’ve got a play in tournament” or any of that. Instead, we’ve got the real playoffs, all going on right here. You can bet playoffs round 1 and all of the games that you want to bet on sports right here at our site. Everything in round one, from the East to the West, it’s all right here. Every game, every moment, every quarter – it’s all available right here at BetNow. Good luck to you throughout the playoffs! 

Atlanta vs. the Heat 

Atlanta’s found that it’s not going to be easier to get through the east conference than it was last year. For one, the Hawks have already lost game one on the road in Miami. Sure, if they go down two games to none, they’re not done, but man oh man, that would be tough to come back and win the rest of the series. How do you see it playing out? 

Here at BetNow, as of this writing, our handicappers have the Heat as touchdown and extra point favorites, seeing them as winning it by seven. Is that what will happen? Will the Heat roll again at home? Or, do the Hawks upset this game and make it a series headed back up to Georgia? 

Bet Playoffs Round 1: Wolves and Grizz 

Tuesday’s night game goes out to the Western Conference but it finds a very different situation. The Memphis Grizzlies had a good season, but they have a tough draw in round one against the resurgent Minnesota Timberwolves. That was a serious problem in Game 1, as the Twolves took the game. Now, they have a chance to take a chokehold in the series if they can win two on the road in Memphis. 

That said, our handicappers don’t see it happening. We have the Grizzlies as seven point favorites in their home arena. Do you agree with that? Do you see the Grizz bouncing back quite that hard? Or, alternatively, do you see the Wolves rolling and heading back to Minnesota with a near insurmountable two games to none lead? 

Pels and Suns 

The Pelicans have found their way into the playoffs. But, they got as tough a draw in the first round in the West has: Phoenix. Heading to the Valley of the Sun has been tough for the Pels so far as they dropped game one. Now, they have a chance to even the series (or fall further behind) in Game 2. 

Our handicappers see it being a bit too hot for the Pels in the desert. We have the Suns as ten point favorites in their home stadium, so we aren’t giving the Pels the best chance. That said, if you believe in the Pels (or if you think they’re going to keep it close) then this is the game to bet. Do the Pels win or make it tight? Or, do the Suns blaze on? 

Nets and Celtics 

Each of the lines that we’ve seen so far aren’t terribly close. Sure, seven points isn’t a blow out, but it’s not exactly something that a team can score on every possession, either. That changes with Wednesday’s games, as the action turns back to Boston. There, in a blockbuster series, the Celtics host the Nets for Game 2. 

The Celtics had a great game one, pulling it out. The Nets have been seen as one of those teams that have a real chance to win the East. How do you see this one going? We’ve got the Celtics as 3.5 point favorites. Can they hold off and do it again? Or, do the Nets take this game and then take the series back to Brooklyn with a chance to take control? 

Bet NBA Playoffs at BetNow 

We barely scratched the surface of what the NBA playoffs are going to be. You can bet on these NBA games and all the subsequent ones right here at our site. To see everything we have to offer, stop on by. Good luck to you this season!