Bet 2022-23 NFL Win Totals Odds Here

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet 2022-23 NFL Win Totals Odds Here

Do you have a good feeling for what’s going to happen in this upcoming NFL season? Have you been researching it and want to make some real money? Then come on down to BetNow and bet 2022-23 NFL Win Totals Odds right here. At our site, we’re currently accepting bets for the “NFL Season Team Props.” With that, you’ll be able to bet NFL over and under who’s going to win how many games. We’ve got it set up so that you can make some real money if you’ve got a good feeling for things. 

2022 NFL Win Totals Odds Big Changes 

As you know, every team tried to better themselves this offseason, one way or another. So, when putting together whether or not you think a team is going to hit a high number, it’s important to look at where they were last year. Moreover, it’s also important to look at their schedule, who’s in their division, and so forth. 

Some teams took a significant step forward in terms of wins they’re expected to have this season. For example, the LA Chargers. Last year, they won 9 games – but plenty of places have them winning 10.5 games or more. How do you feel? You don’t have to be a Super Bowl contender to have significant improvement, either. 

For example, many experts called the Jacksonville Jaguars to take a big step forward. Last year they won three games but plenty of places have them winning up to 6.5 games. How do you see their season playing out? 

One of the biggest steps forward, of course, comes from the team that may have made the biggest step forward in terms of quarterback play: the Denver Broncos. The Broncos last year won seven games, but they’ve since added Russell Wilson. Plenty of places have them at 10.5 games if not higher. What do you think? 

Bet Over/Under NFL Winners 

Some teams, of course, have also taken a big step backward in terms of games that they’re expected to win. This could make for a great opportunity. One example: the Titans. The number one seed in the AFC playoffs last year, they won 12 games. But, they also lost that first playoff game in a tough one to the eventual AFC champion Bengals. 

So, the Titans have taken a step back from plenty of people – with the many sites having them at 9.5 games if not lower. Do you think that’s where the Titans belong? Or, do you think they’re going to rally and have a better season? 

Another example of lowered expectations: the Pittsburgh Steelers. A year ago, they won nine games. But, they also had Ben Roethlisberger (limited though he may have been). This year, it looks like Mitch Trubisky but it could be Mason Rudolph (or even Kenny Pickett). Many sites have the Steelers at 7.5 games, but they could do better or worse. Where do you have them going? 

Bet 2022-23 NFL Games  

To make things more complicated, there’s the Cleveland Browns. Plenty of sites don’t even offer them yet, as the Watson suspension just came down and is going to be six games. So, do you think the Browns can do enough with a patchwork QB system to be able to make up for his absence, so that they can be a Super Bowl candidate when he arrives? 

Now is the time to make these bets, though. The truth is that by the time the preseason rolls around, there will be more roster movement, and there will be more injuries. Thus, it could be all the more difficult to get the odds that you want for everything that you’ve figured out. So, if you bet these now (at a site with a name like that, for example) you could really give yourself a chance to make the big bucks. Good luck to you all season long at BetNow!