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Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2020

The SuperBowl is nearly here, and it’s time to place your best super bowl prop bets 2020. With that said, are you confident in your team’s chances to win it all? At BetNow, we empower bettors to make the best superbowl prop bets. We do this by providing them with up to date information about the top teams in the NFL. Now that the year is almost over, it’s time to discuss who will win the SuperBowl. Do you have any picks? If you want to make the best super bowl prop bets, then continue reading. This list will entail some of the NFL’s brightest contenders to win the SuperBowl in 2020.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2020: The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have been a fixture in the NFL Playoffs for nearly 20 years. Over this span, they have won six championships due in large part to their star quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady will obviously go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Without Rob Gronkowski, however, he will face a unique challenge to secure his team’s record-breaking seventh championship.

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been an excellent surprise this season. Patrick Mahomes has led this team to an impressive start, but bettors are still hesitating to place the best super bowl prop bets 2020 on this team. This is because many people still don’t trust the Chiefs to excel in the postseason where the pressure will be greater. The Chiefs will have to prove their doubters wrong by pulling off an upset on their way to the SuperBowl. The question is – can they get it done. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have the highest odds to win the SuperBowl. If you want to place your best super bowl prop bets 2020, then the Ravens are your safest pick. The Ravens currently have the best offense and defense as of this writing. This team is really good, and their strong play figures to carry over into the postseason. If they can continue their trend of dominance, the Ravens will be a clear-cut favorite to win the SuperBowl. Until then, we’ll have to see if the Ravens can dominate the tougher competition when the stakes are much higher.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. However, don’t let this reputation force you into making any best super bowl prop bets 2020. Unwise bettors have been doing this for years. Sure, the Steelers pulled off an upset to win the SuperBowl back in 2009, but the situation is much different now. There are far too many better teams in the NFL now. Also, the Steelers are just slightly above average this season. Their offense won’t be enough to fully compete in the Playoffs, but we will soon see if the Steelers can once again live up to their hype.

The Tennessee Titans

It has been nearly 21 years since the Titans went to the SuperBowl. In 2020, that will have been over two decades ago, and that’s a long time for any team. The Titans have been great this season, but many bettors are wondering if the Titans can finally enjoy some success in the postseason. For anyone placing the best super bowl prop bets 2020, the Titans are a SuperBowl hopeful. However, if they can come out of the gates firing, they just may be a favorite to redeem themselves and win it all.

The San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have the second-highest odds to win the SuperBowl in 2020. This team has a suffocating defense that is among the league’s best. Many teams in the NFL do not want to run into the 49ers. As such, sports betting fans are increasingly placing their best super bowl prop bets 2020 with this team. Are you one of them? The 49ers appear to be one of the only teams that can challenge the Ravens this season. If their defense can carry over to the postseason, the 49ers will be a scary team.

The Seattle Seahawks

For years now, the Seahawks have managed to be one of the best teams in the NFL. If this finally their time to go over the hump and win the SuperBowl? It’s not very likely. Don’t rush into making any online bet with the Seahawks. They are certainly good enough to compete in the postseason, but too much uncertainty lies with this team.

The Green Bay Packers

The Packers are a bettor’s favorite in the NFL. The Packers have enjoyed continual success in the postseason, but it remains unclear if this team will have the personnel to make the SuperBowl. One thing is certain, however, The Packers are an underdog. So if you want to bet on any underdog for next year’s SuperBowl, place your best super bowl prop bets 2020 with the Packers.