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Best Sportsbook to Bet on March Madness

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on March Madness

Other than the Super Bowl, there are probably no North American sporting events that get bet on more than March Madness. Every office, team, group, club, and any other kind of gathering in America has some kind of bracket challenge. If you’re reading this in public, someone probably has one nearby. Of course, there are bracket challenges worth competing in, and others worth ignoring. Imagine that you get the perfect bracket: don’t you want it to be somewhere where you can win some real money? Here at BetNow, we give you multiple ways to bet on March Madness. That’s just one of the reasons that so many claim us to be the best sportsbook

Bet on March Madness with a Bracket 

That’s how most people bet on these NCAA tournament games: through the bracket. And why not? There’s something fun about filling in the bracket. It’s like attempting a puzzle. That said, we know that many people will fill out their brackets on a guess, assuming they know which teams will win or just taking a “flying leap.” 

By that same token, we know that many more of our players are going to bet on the brackets through copious amounts of research. They’ve followed plenty of the teams, they’ve bet on them throughout the season, and now, they’re going to put it all to work for them. Here’s the thing about the bracket: anyone can do it. Sure, you’d probably rather be the person who’s done the research. Here at BetNow, no matter how you bet, we’ve got a way for you to use it to your advantage. 

A Bracket That’s Worth It

If your office has a bracket pool, it’s important to know how much it’s worth. That’s what you’ll get if you have the best bracket, as statistically unlikely as that can be. When you have that great bracket, you want to be able to truly reap the rewards from it. There’s a story from the year that George Mason, a CAA team (mid-major conference) went to the Final Four. Yahoo Sports had hundreds of thousands of people submit brackets: none had George Mason in the Final Four. That list included, presumably, fans and alumni of George Mason University. What we’re saying is, when you have a good bracket, you deserve to be rewarded. 

That’s why, here at BetNow, our Bracket Madness gives the winner $1,000,000. Yes, you read that right. No, it is not a typo. We didn’t mean to eliminate a zero or something. If you have the best bracket that we get here at BetNow, you’ll get a million dollars. Getting the NCAA Tournament right is hard. That’s why the winners deserve some incredible spoils. 

Best Sports Book for Betting Game by Game 

Yes, the brackets are popular. Sure, they’re plenty of fun. But, they’re far from the only way to bet on the Madness. You can also bet game by game, too. Just as you would bet on any other game at our site, you can bet on each game during the tournament itself. 

This is the choice for many of our bettors instead of the brackets because this is how they’ve been betting on college basketball all season. You can bet the odds, the point spread, the money line – all of it. You can bet on these at our site, just as you would for any other game. Of course, the stakes are higher, so the excitement can be greater, too. 

Many of our players tend to bet on both. You can put in a bracket and also bet game by game. That gives you the best opportunity to have a truly incredible March Madness. The more chances you have, the more you could win. 

All the Games on the Road to March Madness

Just because we’ve been writing some March Madness blogs recently, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, tomorrow, it’s going to be March Madness. There’s plenty of games between now and then. You can bet on sports at BetNow. 

For example, as of this writing, just about all of the conferences across NCAA basketball are in conference play. These are the rivalry games and so forth. Soon, these will give way to the conference tournaments. That’s where some teams will be playing for seeding in the NCAA tournament, while others will be playing for their seasons, for the right to continue going. 

These games aren’t afterthoughts. They aren’t something to be ignored on your way to March Madness. These are some tremendous opportunities to make money. Many of our players use them as a stepping stone to March Madness, letting them learn something about a team before betting on them in the big show. Good luck to you all season long from BetNow!