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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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If you go to our site, at the very top, in the upper left, as of this writing, you’ll see “we make it simple.” That’s a clear statement about us and what we do. We make it simple to bet on the sports you want. Unfortunately, right now, many of the “sports you want” are not in operation, due to the pandemic. So, we make it simple to bet on the sports that are going on with our best sportsbook online. By that same token, we make it simple to find something to bet on, too, so that we can whet your appetite, so to speak, before the most popular sports come back hopefully soon. We make it simple, right now, to bet on UFC events, boxing, and more. 

Best Sportsbook Online: UFC on Fight Island

There are wonderful names for sporting venus, and then there’s “Fight Island.” That’s the best name possible. You don’t wonder about “what’s going on on Fight Island?” On Saturday, July 11th, they’ll be more great fights from Fight Island. Unfortunately, for many of us, Fight Island is rather far away. Of course, it’ll be great just to be able to watch sports again, no matter where they are. So, you’ll be able to do all of the betting you want right at our site. 

We understand that many of our BetNow bettors are very familiar with the UFC. They  know the fighters, they know their pasts, how they do against one fighter or style vs. another, they know all there is to know for a true bettor. By that same token, we also know that there are plenty who are interested in the UFC for the first time, because it’s the first real big league sport to come back. That’s why, if you go to our home page, you’ll see that we have a thing about “Usman vs. Burns.” 

Usman vs. Burns and Beyond

The big fight on July 11th’s night at Fight Island is Gilbert Burns taking on Kamaru Usman. As of this writing, our handicappers believe that Usman is the favorite. He’s not a heavy heavy favorite, but we do tend to like him in this fight more than Burns. If you’re someone who’s new to UFC betting, you might want to go with the favorite on this one, as you warm up to the sport. 

However, you might want to go with Burns here instead. After all, he’s a real pro. It might be a bit of an upset if he were to trump over Usman, but there wouldn’t be anything bizarre or completely out of left field about it. He’s a very professional fighter who could take this thing pretty simply. You could confidently bet on him and let what happens happen. 

Best Sportsbook Online: More than the UFC 

The sports that don’t involve large numbers of teammates competing with and against each other seem to be coming back sooner than the others. For example, if you go to our online betting site, you’ll find plenty of odds and betting on Top Rank Boxing, too. Not only will you be able to bet on the winner, the money line, how long the fight lasts, and so forth, you’ll also be able to bet on the props as well. 

Do you have a strong feeling about when a bout is going to end? Do you feel that it’s going to go the distance? If either of those choices excite you, then we’ve got your back. If you go to our site, you’ll find that you can bet on who’s going to win and what couple rounds they’re going to do it in. 

However, at BetNow, we’re always looking for more ways to have more winners. That’s why we don’t make it so hard that you have to know the exact round that someone’s going to win the fight in. Instead, you just have to get within a couple rounds of it. So, if you go to the Boxing Props section, you’ll see that we’re asking who’s going to win in rounds one and two, three and four, and so forth. It’s just one more way that BetNow becomes “WinNow” more easily for more bettors.