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Best Sportsbook Online in the USA: What it Means

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Best Sportsbook Online in the USA

There are so many sportsbooks to choose from online. Many of them overpromise: you’ll get the most money, you’ll win every time, and so forth. They stop just short of saying: “if you bet at our sportsbook, Tom Brady will come over to your house with a pizza,” seemingly. When you ask someone “what’s the best online sportsbook,” you’re liable to get so many different answers. The same goes for us, when we created Betnow. Before we started our sportsbook, we looked at what everyone else was doing and then went from there. Through that process, we believe that we’ve made the best sportsbook online in the USA. You don’t have to take our word for it, you can listen to our customers. 


Best Sportsbook Online in the USA: Moment by Moment 

Every great sports team is built on what’s called a “solid foundation.” Depending on the sport and team, there might be different definitions as to what that foundation is. For some teams, that foundation is the greatest players, the stars, the ones that the folks come out to see. On other teams, however, that foundation is a style of play, a methodology, a belief in each other. The best teams, the championship teams and the real contenders, are usually some combination of both. 

The same holds true for our online sportsbook. When we built Betnow, we looked at everything else that was on the market. There were a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which was the fact that we’re bettors ourselves. Before we started this site, we were just folks looking for somewhere to bet, just like you. We looked at everything that was out there, and we weren’t real pleased with it. That was part of the impetus to start Betnow. 

Best Sportsbook Online in the USA

But, there were some things about some sites that we liked. There were plenty more that we didn’t, but there were some things that we liked. So, when we made our site, we took what we liked. We focused in on the things that stood out to us, and eliminated the things that didn’t. We wanted to build a streamlined site that had everything folks needed to bet, and nothing else. 

You can see this work when you come to our site. Simply clicking through will give you the opportunity to bet on so many different sports. However, what you won’t find is a bunch of so-called “experts” going on and on about their “expert picks.” You won’t get any of that at our site. We believe that since you’re knowledgeable enough to find our site, you’re knowledgeable enough to know what you want to bet on. Instead of asking you to give your money to someone to tell you what to or not to bet, we believe that you can just spend that money as you see fit. 


Number of Sports 

Our team here at Betnow is diverse. We have so many different people from so many different backgrounds. We believe that makes our team that much stronger and better. It allows us to appeal to more bettors than other companies, and frankly, it leads us to make more informed, more inclusive decisions. 

A key example of this is the number of sports that we offer at our site. For example, in the very early developmental stages of Betnow, we said “we’re going to include football at this site, obviously.” Everyone nodded – who would have an online sportsbook without football? However, it quickly became very apparent that “football” meant different things to different people. 

Most of the people who had originally brought up the idea of including “football” meant the National Football League. Others thought it was in reference to Australian Rules Football. One guy even thought we were talking about the CFL, the Canadian Football League. It was a real moment when each of us realized that so many people, all working together, all in one place, had taken it so many different ways. 

Then, we realized… why not do all of this? Why not include each of those sports? That way, everyone who wanted to bet on those games could. It’s better for our business, because we can bring in more players. It can also show just how great our site can be, as if one person likes our CFL, they might stick around for the NFL, and vice versa. The best sportsbook going should have the most amount of sports, after all. 


A Sportsbook for All

We make it easy to get a bet down on practically any sport you want. We’ll match your offer initially, and sometimes on the reload, as well. Betnow is everything that a best sportsbook online in the USA should be. For more and to get started, head to our site.