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Best Sportsbook for College Basketball and More

This is the time of year for college basketball. Sure, it’s not quite Selection Sunday yet. When it comes, as ever, you’ll be able to bet on all of the March Madness games right here at BetNow. That said, there’s plenty of college basketball now. The conference tournaments are happening right now. That’s true for the mid majors as well as the big conferences, too. You can find all of these games and more right here at the best sportsbook for college basketball, BetNow. 

Sportsbook for College Basketball: Mid Majors 

The mid major conference tournaments are always a big, big deal. That’s because precious few of these players are going to go to the NBA. This is it. These are the last big games they’ll ever play. So, they’re as motivated as can be to win these things. There are real stakes to them. Of course, there can be real stakes for you – real winnings if you bet these games. At BetNow, we have all of the mid major games that you want. 

What makes these games great is that there’s so many of them. For example, as of this writing, the CAA championship game is just a few hours away. The winner of it will go to the Big Dance, the loser may go to the NIT (and they may not, too). But, at the same time more or less, you can bet on who’s going to win the Horizon League, the Summit League, and plenty of other conferences where the winner gets in and the loser is probably done. 

This is where, if you’ve been doing research, you can really clean up. The handicappers are, of course, pros – but, they’re human, too. So, it stands to reason that they might not be as up on these games as they are on those that involve the power conference teams. All this means is that if you really know the players, if you really know the games, then you can really clean up in these mid majors. Then, you can use that information to figure out who’s going to have the big upsets in the tournament, too. 

The Sportsbook for March Madness and Beyond (and Before, Too)

Of course, we don’t mean to imply that we just offer the mid major games. In fact, it’s’ nothing of the sort – we offer all of the college basketball games that you’re going to want to bet on. Really, this time of year gets that much more special if you bet on NCAAB games. It’s one thing to watch these games. It’s something else entirely to bet on them, living and dying with each play, on your way to an eventual win at the end. 

That said, it’s not like your only option is to “eventually win” at the end. Instead, you can win throughout the game, too. That means that you can win at the half as well. See, at BetNow, we’ve made it so that you can bet on who’s ahead at the end of the first half as well as at the end of the second half, too. You can bet on who’s going to score more points in each half. 

What that really does is it gives you more chances to win. Instead of just everything coming down to the very end (like it does for the players) you can be a big winner before the last second shot is thrown. We always want to give our players as many chances to win as possible, and this is just one way of doing so. 

The conference championships are another way to do that, of course, on the way to the Big Dance. When that comes, wow, we have as many different ways for you to win (bracket and otherwise) as you might imagine. That said, it’s not like we shut down our other sports coverage during this time. You can also bet on hockey, baseball, and everything else, all as it’s happening. As long as there are sports to bet on, they’ll be BetNow.