Best NFL Betting Preview for the Carolina Panthers

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
best NFL Betting Preview

Out with the old, in with the Darnold. Yes, that’s a terrible pun, but what better way to start the best NFL betting preview for the Carolina Panthers? Looking as talented as any top pick quarterback, Sam has had his moments in the Big Apple, but, like so many Jets before him, was never able to put it all together there. Now, he gets a chance with the re-building but getting better Panthers. Will they be able to rise in what’s going to be a very tough division again? Can they take steps forward or even make the playoffs in 2021-2022? 

The Carolina Panthers Team 

Whatever else you could say about the Panthers last season, they played hard. They always played hard. They never gave up. Sure, an 11 win season is not going to make anyone’s career highlight reel. That said, they lost eight of those eleven games by a single score. So, they were always in each game (which, again, is more impressive when you realize that Christian McCaffrey, one of the few running backs in this league that’s still a weapon you can run an entire offense through) was missing for so much of the season. He’s back and he’s got a real quarterback. Can the Panthers keep up? 

Speaking of the quarterback, one of the biggest problems for the Panthers is that the offensive line may be a real problem for the team here. They were towards the bottom of the league in pass blocking last year and, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there might be a lot of improvement there throughout this season. If the line can gel, Sam can make some plays and keep them in some games. If they can’t, then, well, we’ve already seen (for years) how Sam is behind a rough line. The Panthers may have some difficulties this year, too. 

NFL Betting on the Panthers Season 

The reason we say that is that the second half of the Carolina Panthers season is as tough as anyone’s season. The Steelers may have the league’s toughest schedule, yes, but the second half of the Panthers’ schedule is as tough as anyone else’s. So, if the Panthers are going to make any kind of moves this year, they should make them in the first half. They’ve got some chances here to get off to a good start. 

For example, they open with two home games. They start immediately with Sam’s old team, the Jets, where the Panthers are almost invariably going to be favored. Then, they get the Saints at home. Sure, the Saints are going to be favored, but if the Cats are going to have a great season, they’re going to want to win at least one of these two games. From there, they go on the road to Texas, seeing the Texans (where the Cats will be favored) and Dallas (where they probably won’t be). 

BetNow: Best NFL Betting Preview

At that point, they face other NFC playoff-capable teams at home in the Eagles and Vikings. They may be favored in both of those. From there, they go on the road to the Giants and Falcons. They may not be favored in those games, but they’re winnable. Then, the season gets rough. At home to New England (and Cam) will be a tight game, but going on the road to Arizona is going to be tough. 

Hosting the Football Team is one thing, going to Miami is something else. The bye comes at a good time, because after that they host Atlanta at home. A tough division game) followed by at Buffalo, hosting Tampa, at New Orleans, and at Tampa Bay. That’s as rough a December as you can imagine. Can the Panthers build up a good record before then? Or, will they stumble through a season, only to get buried when the snow falls (somewhere other than the warm climates of the NFC South? You can bet all the NFL you want at BetNow!