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Best MLB Betting in Spring Training and Beyond

By this time next week, baseball will be back. Sure, it’s technically “back” right now with the spring training games (which you can bet on BetNow). But, on April 1st, the baseball season returns. Moreover, it will return with some fans in the stands, too (with hopefully more as the season goes on). There’s nothing like baseball. It was the American Pastime for so many years and for many it still is. As ever, the best MLB betting 2021 of all kinds is at BetNow. 

MLB Betting on Spring Training 

That said, it’s not April 1st yet. The teams haven’t gone home to their respective cities just yet. If you want to bet on the Spring Training games, now is the time to do so. Indeed, the rosters are pretty much down to more or less who’s going to be on the big team at this point. Sure, every squad is in the process of figuring out who’s going to be the third guy off the bench, who’ll be on the taxi squad, that kind of thing. But, for the most part, these are the teams. 

That’s not to say they’re “the pitchers” of course. For many teams, they’re going to rest their aces and number two starters as the big games are right around the corner. That said, players are going to try their hardest. For guys on the bubble, this is their real moment to shine. There’s no tomorrow, so to speak, about who’s going to be heading north (or other directions) with the big team. The time is now, quite literally. 

If you want to bet spring training games, the time is now for that too at our site. Every day, we’ll give you lines, odds, over/unders and more for many spring training games. If you can’t get down to Florida or Arizona to watch them, this can be a great way to follow along. That said, if you can get down to those places, betting on these games can be great for that, too. 

Best MLB Betting: Betting Five Innings for More Chances to Win 

As ever, we want to give you as many betting options as possible. That means being able to bet on who’s going to win the games, of course. But, we know that a lot can happen in a baseball game. The teams are judged by their wins and losses, who’s ahead at the end and who isn’t. Our players don’t have to be. 

At our site, you can bet on the “five innings” of most games. This is just what it sounds like – you can bet on who’s ahead of the game after five innings. You can win at the end of five and you can win at the end of the game, too. By that same token, if you lose at the end of five, you can pick it up at the end of the game. Or, alternatively, say you win at the end of five but don’t quite pull it out at the end of the game – at least you leave with something. 

This is one more way that we give our players to bet online on these games. Moreover, like so much else in sports betting, it really rewards those who know their stuff, who do their research, who follow it all. For example, five innings is, of course, more than half of a nine inning game and where a game would end if it’s called due to weather or some other factor. 

But, that said, if you really know your starting pitching, this is a way for you to clean up financially. Know that one starter is really tough against this team who doesn’t have an answer for him through the first two times or so through the lineup? Then five innings is the answer. By that same token, if you know that a team’s starter is weak against this lineup or at this time, then this is a way for you to make some money doing that, too. With five innings, like so much else, we give our players more ways to win. Best of luck to you at BetNow!