Basketball Playoff Betting Friday and the Weekend

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Basketball Playoff Betting

If you want the best way into basketball playoff betting, look no further than BetNow. Here at our betting site, you’ll find absolutely everything you need to bet on the biggest games this Friday and Saturday (and, of course, beyond). If you want to bet on the right games, you’ll find them right here. Moreover, of course, you can bet on these games in the way that you would like.

Of course, that means being able to bet on the point spread. Our handicappers put together a point spread that represents what could happen best. That way, you can get a reasonable bet on either side. By that same token, we also have it so that you can bet on over/under as well. Plus, the money line is always an option, too. If you want to bet on NBA Playoffs, you have come to the right place.

Basketball Playoff Betting on Friday

This Friday, things start off (as they often do) in the Eastern Conference. There, the Boston Celtics go to Milwaukee to take on the Bucks. The Celtics have to win. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Instead, this is a big game between two teams in the east that are going strong. The Bucks lead this series and can close it out at home. If they have the same killer instinct they did last year, on the way to the title, they may be able to do it. How do you feel about this game?

Our handicappers actually see that happening. We have the Bucks as 1.5 point favorites in their own stadium. That said, of course, 1.5 points is not exactly a commanding score, and this game could go either way. What do you think is going to happen? Are the Celtics going to survive? Or, are the Bucks going to move on?

Out West Friday Night

The Grizz are still alive. Ja isn’t going to play it looks like, but the Grizz live on. There is a game six… back in California. What do you think is going to happen in this one? Will the Grizzlies force a game seven back east? Or, do the Warriors take one more dub and move on from here to the Conference Finals?

Our handicappers like the Warriors in this one. In fact, we like them quite a bit. We have the Warriors as 8.5 favorites in this one. Sure, there are some good players on the Grizz and they’ve had a fine season, but it’s a tough go in California against the Warriors. That would be true even if Ja were 100%. How do you think this one is going to go? Do you think the Warrior clinch? Or, do the Grizz rally and take it back to their arena for a winner take all game?

By that same token, what do you think of the over/under here? We have the Warriors as an 8.5 favorite, yes, but we see this as a high scoring one, with 217.5 as the over/under. Will it be high flying, end to end action? Or, will defense step up and carry the day?

Basketball and More

Remember, basketball isn’t all that we offer. You can always bet on the NHL playoffs, for as long as they go on. Moreover, you’ll be able to bet on every baseball game as it happens, too. Really, as long as there are sports, you’ll be able to bet them at BetNow. You can bet all of these basketball games all the way through the Finals right here. Good luck no matter what you’re betting on!