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Baseball Betting Online: Starting Strong, Closing Fast

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Baseball Betting online

In baseball, all pitchers have a job. There’s the starters. They’re the guys who get paid the biggest of bucks. These pitchers are also the hardest to find. They’re the ones who take the ball every five days and, as much as anyone else, are responsible for how a team does. If they falter, then the rest of the team has to pick it up. By that same token, there’s middle relief, late relief, set-up men, closers, and now even “openers” – guys who pitch the first couple innings and then give way to the middle relief. Here at BetNow, our baseball betting online offers all kinds of options. You can bet on the whole baseball game, the beginning, or really, anything you want. 

Baseball Betting Online for Those Who Know a Lot About Starters 

At BetNow, we’re very lucky to have smart baseball knowers on our site. These are the folks who, season in and season out, know practically all there is to know about just, well, every team. Maybe they know more about the teams in their life, the ones that they’ve followed since they were young. But, if you were to meet them on the street and quiz them about starting pitchers, they’d give you a pretty clear understanding of just about all of the guys in the league. 

This can help a lot in betting. It can set you up for a lot of wins. But, it can also penalize you, too. For example, if you know just about all there is to know about some guys who go first for the teams, then you might be in a bit of bad luck should they get hurt, pulled for middle relief who gives up some runs, or something similar. They knew about the starters, they just got hit by bad luck. 

Well, for those of you who really know how the opening to a game goes, we’ve got you covered. We now offer “MLB 5 Innings.” That’s exactly what it sounds like. You bet on the teams that are more likely to be ahead at the end of five innings. If there’s a rain delay, then the game would end. So, we wanted to give a betting option that fit those who know the beginnings better than others. 

More Traditional Betting

The five innings option works just as the end of the game would be. Then, you’d bet on which teams are going to be ahead at the end. Perhaps you’d bet the point spread, who would have more runs, play the odds, etc. we give you each of those options, just at the end of five. So, you’d think that this would favor the teams with the better starting pitching. Perhaps, but it’s also important to remember – this is baseball. Anything can happen. 

After all, as of this writing, yesterday, the great Gerrit Cole finally didn’t pitch well for the Yankees. You really never know what’s going to happen on a game to game basis. That, of course, has been a major reason that so many fans have gone back to baseball, decade after decade, for more than a century. 

That said, it’s not like we’re eliminating our “bet on the game at the end” option. Of course you can still do that. When we add on a new betting option at BetNow, we rarely eliminate another one. Our goal is to offer as many options for betting as possible, not fewer. That’s why we’re able to keep bringing  in new players all of the time. 

Baseball Betting Online: Beyond Baseball 

Baseball is, depending on your perspective, still America’s pastime. However, there are plenty of other sports, too. As of this writing, the NHL playoffs are still ongoing. The NBA playoffs are set to pick back up at some point soon. You can bet on all of these and more at our site. We’ll always give you the best, most innovative ways to bet on the sports that you want to bet on. By that same token, our pro handicappers will also always provide the traditional options as well, so that you can find new ways to win in the ways you’ve always bet. Here’s to a great rest of the season!