As Sports Continue, More Sports Betting Opportunities

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Betting Opportunities

Sports never stop. So, sports betting opportunities never does, either. We’re always looking for new ways to offer opportunities to our players to bet on the games they want to bet on. Of course, we offer more than just opportunities to bet on the games. You can bet on portions of the games, parts of the games, the outcomes of the whole series, seasons and more. The weekends are a perfect time to bet on the games you want to bet on, what with college football, the NFL, and as of this writing, the MLB playoffs. 

As the Series Progress, So Too the Odds 

At our site as of this writing, you can bet on the “MLB Series Price.” That means that you’re betting on which team is going to win each series (right now, we’re in the Divisional Series portion of the playoffs). This is a great way to win a lot, especially if you have strong feelings about the series. As the games go on, your chances to win more and more increase, too. 

For example, in the Divisional Series, the first team to win three games wins the series. If you put a bet down before the series starts, the odds will be one way. However, after a game is played, the odds will change. If you believe that a team is going to come back after going down by one game or even two games, then this is a great way to make some cash. If you bet when they’re down, and then they come back and take the series, you’ll have quite a divisional series. Of course, you don’t just get the opportunity to do this during the divisional round: you can do it during the Championship Series round as well as the World Series.

As Sports Continue, More Sports Betting Opportunities 1

The “Grand Salami” 

In baseball, that expression can be used in multiple ways. Sometimes, that’s the word for a grand slam. Sometimes, that’s the expression for winning the league or even the World Series. For the purposes of our site, it’s a very specific bet. You’re betting on the away teams to score more runs or the home teams. There aren’t any listed pitchers with this, and the games have to go 8.5 innings or more. 

This is a great way to take advantage of a whole night of baseball games. Maybe you know that the two teams playing at home tonight don’t have the best starting pitchers. Or, alternately, maybe they’re in locations where there tend to be a lot of runs. When you really feel strongly about the road teams or the away teams, then this is a great bet to help you make money even if you didn’t pick the winners in either of the games. 

NCAA Team Totals

Not everyone likes to bet the odds, the point spread, that kind of thing. We understand that. For many, the idea of betting on sports exists outside of the winning and losing. Many of the people who bet on our site are big fans of a specific team. So, they never want to bet against their team, but it might not always feel right to bet on their team every game, too. These Team Totals, however, are great for everyone to bet on, whether they’re fans of a specific team or not.

You can bet if your team is going to score over or under a given number. That doesn’t mean that you’re betting against your team if you take the “under,” they could still win the game, they might just be up against a pretty good defense, that kind of thing. We have bets for fans of all teams and sports. 

Sports Betting Opportunities: NFL Sunday

There’s nothing like betting on NFL Sunday. With so many games and so many opportunities, you can win all throughout Sunday. Even if you don’t, you have that opportunity on Monday night to make it all back. There’s no better way to enjoy the NFL than to bet on the games that you’re interested in. 

We make sure that our odds, point spreads and lines are updated before the games occur, too. This may not seem like a big deal, but injuries occur at all times in the NFL. How many times have you heard about a player “coming out for warmups” and then not coming out for the game? Sometimes, teams will even do that just to make the other team have to prepare for an injured player, even though the player has been injured for some time. When injuries are announced, we adjust our lines accordingly. For an online sportsbook that takes everything into account, and offers as many sports betting opportunities as possible, turn to BetNow. Good luck to you this weekend and every other game day.