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An Ideal Online Sportsbook that Makes it Work

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Ideal Online Sportsbook

So much of sports, when you think about it, is “making it work.” There’s a wonderful quote, attributed (in part) to everyone from Chuck Noll to Mike Tyson, that essentially comes down to “everyone has a plan before you get hit.” The idea is, the best plans in the world won’t matter once the game actually starts. As much as you can plan and prepare for an opponent, the first time they actually strike back, it can change all of your plans and you have to do something new in the moment to survive and succeed. Our ideal online sportsbook has been able to do that during the pandemic, offering players all sorts of great sports betting options. Now, we can do the same for the MMA and other sports as they come back. 

An Ideal Online Sportsbook for Every Trip to Fight Island 

We can’t get over the name “Fight Island.” It’s too perfect. It sounds like some kind of Street Fighter II ripoff from the mid 90’s, where someone would attack someone else with a lighting bolt that flew out of their biceps or something. But, name aside, Fight Island has been a raging success. 

There are great bouts at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop any time soon. As of this writing, they’re happening tonight as well as in the weekends to come. As long as there is fighting on Fight Island, you’ll be able to bet it at our site. On top of that, as long as there is MMA, you’ll be able to bet that at our site, too. 

We know that you’re ravenous to be able to bet on the sports you want to bet on again. So, we make sure that we offer the options you want such as odds, how long the fight will go, and more. That way, you can not only bet on UFC fights, but bet them in the way that you want, too. 

Sports in the Bubble and Beyond 

We have set dates for the return of the NBA and the NHL. If all goes well (and what an “if” that is) then we’ll have those games ready for you to bet, too. In fact, in many cases, you can go to our site right now and get a bet down on those games. If you aren’t sure about the initial games as they become available. You’ll be able to bet on all the Futures in many cases, too. Should you not have the strongest opinion about earlier games but do know who you think is going to win the championship, we’ve got you covered. 

The same goes for football and baseball, too. This is going to be a complicated process for many of these sports. There are going to be mistakes probably, things are going to change from one moment to the next. They have a plan right now, but then, as the quote says, “you get hit”. They’ll adapt around as things change on the ground. We’ll adapt, too. 

Ideal Online Sportsbook: More than Sports Betting 

While you’ll have all of the sports betting options that are available here at our online betting website BetNow, there’s always other options, too. For example, no virus, pandemic, or anything else can shut down our online casino. There, the games are always being played, there are live dealers, and so much more. If you don’t want to drive to a casino right now, or you can’t (both of which are perfectly understandable during this uncertain time) then we’ve got you covered right here. 

As we wait for all of the most beloved sports to return, BetNow will be here for you. We’re not going anywhere. We’ll take you to Fight Island. We’ll take you to the racetrack, the online casino, or anywhere else. If there are sports being played (even as far afield as Australian Football, Turkish basketball, and much more) then you’ll find BetNow. With money lines, odds, point spreads, and much more. As sports return, we hope that you’ll enjoy them alongside us. Good luck to you in all of your betting!