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All the Super Bowl Betting Props You Could Ever Want

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
All the Super Bowl Betting Props You Could Ever Want

If you go through our site, you’ll find that we have all of the different betting options on the Super Bowl. That means that you can bet on who’s going to win, how much they’re going to win by, all the over/under stuff, and so much else. Of course, with BetNow, you can do even more than that: you can bet during the game, from one moment to the next. But, at our site, we offer even more than that: we offer plenty of great Super Bowl betting props. These are the kinds of bets that anyone can make, and you don’t have to be an expert to maybe be a winner. 

Super Bowl Betting Props of All Kinds 

We know that many of our players study these games in a quasi-religious fashion. They know all of the players, their stats, how they play in certain situations, past lines, how the team is against the spread, and so much else. So, they can make a bet according to that. Of course, you may not need to have quite as much information and experience to make a bet about, say, “the color of liquid poured on winning head coach.” That’s absolutely, of course, a bet you can make at our site! We have odds on lime/green/yellow, clear/water, red/pink, blue, orange, and our dark horse, purple. 

Something to keep in mind: you absolutely can research this. Go through video. Find out what kinds of colors of liquid were poured on coaches in previous games. Sure, the teams might change it, but do you really think they’d go through something new like that right before the biggest game of their lives? You might also want to look at team media, too. 

For example, in the run up to Super Bowl 45, former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Deshea Townsend said that the Steelers (at the time) exclusively used orange sports drink on their sideline. Of course, the Packers won that game. But, when you know what one team uses, you have at least a 50% chance. Besides, who’s to say that the Packers might not have also used orange? These are the kinds of research that can really pay off. 

Betting Props Involving Players 

Of course, not every prop bet is “will a fan run onto the field” or “will someone tackle the fan when they do” and so forth. Instead, there are plenty of other prop bets which will involve the players themselves. How many TDs will Jimmy G throw for? How many will Mahomes? Will Dee Ford get a sack against his old team? These are the kinds of prop bets that reward players for knowing more about the sport, and how each team plays. 

Even better, we’ve added prop bets where you don’t need to know as much football as you might another sport. That way, we can include even more people in on the action. These are some of the best bets for watching the game with a group of friends or family. That way, even those that maybe don’t know the entire rosters of each team the last time they won the Super Bowl can be in on it. 

These bets even include players who aren’t in the game, but they also involve the game as well. For example, one of these bets is “Will James Harden Have More Points Against the Pelicans than Total Points in the Super Bowl?” This is very similar to an over/under bet, so you can do your research there and pick accordingly. Another similar bet: will Giannis have more blocks and steals on that day than total Mahomes TD passes? Giannis has reached another level this season, so it’s more than possible. 

Another similar bet is: Will Sidney Crosby have more points than Jimmy G has touchdown passes? As ever, research can help here. The 49ers tend to run a lot, but they might have to pass to keep up with the KC attack. By that same token, Sid and the Pens play in Washington that afternoon. Always a tough place to play, but Sid tends to put up good numbers against Ovechkin. 

Any Way You Want to Bet the Super Bowl 

The Super Bowl is almost assuredly the best betting day of the year. This is the day when quite literally the entire world stops to watch a football game. You can bet on all of this in any way that you want right at our online betting site. Of course, don’t think that, just because we highlighted all of the prop bets that you can’t bet on the regular stuff at our site. You can always bet the point spread, money line, and so much more. You can find it all at BetNow right now.