ACC College Football Betting 2021 Preview at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
ACC College Football Betting

There are difficult to figure out conferences, then there’s the ACC. When folks think of ACC football, they tend to think of one team: Clemson. That’s not the way it used to be only a few years ago. You go back to the glory days of “The U” and tell them that, someday, they’ll be chasing North Carolina and Clemson, and you could hear the laughter. But, today, Clemson is the cream of the crop when it comes to the ACC. That said, they don’t always get through the ACC schedule undefeated (as we’ve seen multiple times over the years, even when Clemson is at their apex). Today, we’ll go over ACC college football betting online for the upcoming season.

College Football Betting on the ACC Atlantic 

Clemson. Clemson. Yes, they did just graduate the number one overall pick in the draft. However, they’re still a national power. Why? Because the kid replacing him is also likely to be a top draft pick after a few years for the Tigers. Clemson is as good a team as there is in the country, good enough to win the national championship every single year. This year is no exception. They’re as good as it gets and are probably going to run away with the Atlantic. 

That said, NC State isn’t bad. Neither is Boston College. Each of these teams has a chance to make some waves should something happen to the Tigers. That said, Florida State is still probably a few years from greatness again while Wake Forest and Syracuse Orange are still rebuilding. But, these teams will be good again someday in the future, but the future isn’t now (unless, of course, you’re Clemson). 

The ACC Coastal Division 

What the Coastal has is North Carolina. Are they as good as Clemons? Maybe not. But, they do have a possible number one overall pick for the upcoming draft as well in Howell. That said, the Tar heels may not even win the Coastal, as there’s a very good team over there as well with the Canes as well. Depending on who you believe, either one of those teams could give Clemson a game in the ACC title game. 

After that, the Coastal gets a little tougher to figure out. Pitt figures to have a very good defense as well as another quarterback who should have a really good chance in the show in Kenny Pickett. That said, it’s Pitt, so you’re never really sure what team you’re going to see. If they don’t win at least eight games this season, you have to start to call Narduzzi’s leadership into question. But, Pitt has a good chance to compete with the big boys in the Coastal (as much sense as it makes to have Pittsburgh in a division called “Coastal.”) 

Beyond that, you’re getting into some teams that very well might be able to overtake Pitt or even fight with the big two teams in the division. Virginia and Virginia Tech always have players, always have teams. The Coastal figures to be quite close. Georgia Tech may be in for a rebuilding year and the same goes for the Blue Devils as well. 

In many years, the ACC, after Clemson, tends to be a bit of an afterthought nationally. That won’t be the case this year, not with the big quarterback prospects throughout the Coastal division and elsewhere. How do you think the ACC is going to play out? Beyond that, you’ll be able to bet on all the college football that you want all season long at BetNow!