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A Sportsbook You Can Count on for NCAA Basketball Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NCAA Basketball Betting

With the Super Bowl behind us and the NBA as well as the NHL playoffs months away, for our bettors, one of the main things to focus on is NCAA basketball. At our site, you can get all of the NCAA basketball betting that you want. That means having all of the games, but it also means having multiple ways to bet on the games, too. If you just want to bet on college basketball, you can use any sportsbook. When you want to bet how you want to bet, that’s when you turn to BetNow. 

NCAA Basketball Betting on “Extra” Games 

One of our goals when offering our players NCAA games is to give them as many games as possible to choose from. That means having all of the games from the biggest conferences, of course. ACC, SEC, Big 12, and every other major conference should be represented. The games you see on television, the schools you’ve seen compete for the national championship year in and year out – yes, those are absolutely games you can find at our site. 

However, we offer a lot more than that, too. For example, if you go to our site, you’ll find a place for “Extra” games. These are games that you, in all likelihood, can’t find elsewhere. These are smaller schools from conferences that you may not be as familiar with. However, if you go to look at what we offer on these games, it’s just as much as you’ll find for our regular games. That means you’ll find the point spread, the odds, the money line, and the over/under. Since there are people who care about these games, we offer a way that you can bet on them. 

Just because you didn’t go to the biggest school perhaps, you should still be allowed to bet on your alma mater, or against a team that played your alma mater in conference, and so forth. We know how important these games are to players, so we make them available at our site. Here at BetNow, we see it as one more way that we can offer that much more. 

Sportsbook that Lets you Bet Throughout the Game 

We’re all busy. With as many college basketball games as there are, even if you’re a devout, knowledgeable bettor, it can be difficult to bet on every game that you want. If you’re like so many of our players, at one time or another, you meant to bet on college basketball game, but by the time you remembered the game, tip-off had already occurred. You would be unable to bet on this game… in the old days. 

However, with BetNow, you can bet during the game, too. That’s why we have first half and second half options. We don’t think you should only be able to bet on a game if you were able to do so before the game began. So, at BetNow, you can bet on what the team will do at the end of the first half, second half, and so forth. 

This way, you’re involved with the game the entire way. You can make decisions throughout play, so that you have more chances to win. In the past, you’d be tied to what happened at the very end and that’s it. Now, you can win multiple times. Sure, the teams that you’re betting on only have one chance to win, but you’ll have several.

NCAA Basketball Betting: Team Totals 

Maybe you want to bet on a game, but you haven’t done the most in-depth research about the teams. Perhaps you know a little bit about them, some totals, that kind of thing, but nothing too deep. We offer a great sports betting option that can put you ahead of the game even with just a bit of knowledge. That’s where our “NCAA Men Team Totals” comes in. 

If you go there, you’ll find that you can bet the over/under for points scored by one team in the game. That’s not both teams (like the over/under that you’ll find when you bet on the game) but a different over/under, just for the one team. 

This is a great bet for a team that you know either a lot about or only a little. Perhaps you know that the team they’re playing that night has a really great defense. Or, alternatively, maybe you know the team they’re playing against doesn’t have a very good defense whatsoever. This enables you to make some real money with only a bit of research. All of this can serve you well as you put things together for the big March Madness betting 2020, which, as of this writing, is less than a month away. Good luck all throughout the NCAA season!