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A Sportsbook Site to Cover the Super Bowl

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
A Sportsbook to Cover the Super Bowl

Every team has a plan when the NFL season starts. They know what they want their offense to be, what they want their defense to be, and from there, they go out to play the games. Most coaches have the idea that they want to discover what their team’s identity is as the season goes on. However, as the season continues, teams’ plans change. Teams that are competing for byes in the playoffs have one plan, whereas teams that are fighting for playoff spots see their plans change, too. At our sportsbook site, you can bet on Super Bowl, as well as who will be on top of each of the different divisions as well. 

A Sportsbook Site for the Future and the Present

At our site, we have an entire section on “NFL Futures.” When you clicked on this at the beginning of the season, you had all kinds of options as to who was going to win what division, then the conferences, and finally who would be in the Super Bowl at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. Sure, some teams were longer odds to succeed than others, but it’s possible to bet on every team to go all the way. 

That, of course, was at the start of the season. It actually ran through most of the season, as you could get a bet down on your favorite team to win everything. At this point in the season, late December, you can’t do that anymore. Many of the regular season divisions, for example, have been decided. When that happens, we take them off the board. Additionally, there are teams that have been eliminated from the potential for postseason play. That means that you can’t bet on them to win anymore. As the season has gone on, your opportunities have narrowed. You can still get a bet down, but you might not have the same odds that you might have in the past. 

In fact, as of this writing, Week 16 of the regular season has ended and the league is going into Week 17. Many years, as the final week of the season only features divisional play, many divisions could be up for grabs. This isn’t true this year. There’s only one division left in play, the NFC East. All of the other regular season divisional titles have been decided. You can still bet, of course, on who’s going to be ahead when the playoffs get going. 

Getting in Odds When You Can

There is still, of course, time to get a bet down on the Super Bowl participants and winners at our site. As with many other things in life, the earlier is often the better. You can get better odds if you know of someone who’s going to run the table this year if you do it sooner versus later. A great example of this comes from the regular season AFC North champions, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Many weren’t exactly sure what to make of the Ravens when the season started. Sure, they squeaked into the division title a year ago, led by the incredible rise of Lamar Jackson. But, people weren’t sure if he was going to be a true number one QB or not. On top of that, there were many questions about the defense. Mosley was gone, and folks weren’t exactly sure how much Earl Thomas had left in the tank. 

Beyond that, there was all of the offseason activity by the Cleveland Browns. They went out and got some incredible skill players at many different positions. These weren’t just guys that had had good seasons in the past, but rather, these were Pro Bowl players with national reputations. Cleveland was the favorite not just to win the division, but to win the Super Bowl

Of course, we know now what happened. Cleveland never really came together as a team, and after escaping Pittsburgh in overtime, the Ravens really took off. Lamar Jackson is the favorite for league MVP, and the team has never looked back. If you had bet the Ravens at the beginning of the season to do this well, you could really have made some money. 

There’s Still Time to Make Lots of Money

Sure, there are some favorites in the field, but if you know of a team that others are discounting who you think can do well, this is a great time to bet on them. Plenty are starting to come around, for example, to Mahomes and the Chiefs. Or, maybe you still believe Brady has it in him, or that Buffalo’s defense can carry the team while Josh Allen develops. At BetNow’s Sportsbook site, you can bet on what’s going to happen in the Super Bowl long before we have two participants.