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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on College Basketball

At the time when you read this, the Super Bowl will probably be over. The NFL season will have passed, there will be a new champion, and there will be nothing NFL related until the draft talk starts to heat up. It can feel like there’s nothing to bet on, that the sports betting season has gone dark, and so forth. Really, nothing could be further from the truth. The post Super Bowl time is a great one for online betting. That’s when online betting on college basketball really gets going. 

Online Betting on College Basketball at BetNow 

At our site, we allow you to bet on college basketball. We do that by having the most games. You’ll notice we didn’t say “by having a lot of games” or “by having plenty of games.” No, we said that we have the “most games.” If someone is playing college basketball in America, we probably have odds, a point spread, and an over/under on it. That way, if you’re into the game or know something about it, you can get a bet down.  We know that for many of you, college basketball is about betting on the big games. The teams that you see every week on television, the ranked squads, the ones with multiple national championships that consistently send players to the NBA. We do have all of those games, in the major conferences and so much more. 

However, we also have mid-majors and smaller games, too. These are the games that most people might not know about, but if you’re into them, if you know a lot about them, then it’s a great opportunity to make money. If you were an alum of one of these schools, or if you’re really into the team or game, then this is a fantastic way to clean up. You can find more of these games at our site, too. 

Online Betting on the Games that Count 

In college basketball, every game counts. Sure, it might not seem that way at the time, but just about all of them do. You can tell that’s the case because the entire world stops for a weekend so that we can find out who got into the big tournament and who did not. There’s always a handful of teams that, if they had won one more game, if just one shot or another had gone their way, then they would’ve been in the big tournament. That’s how important these games can be. So, we offer all of these games to our bettors. 

That said, we make sure that the conference tournaments are included at our site. These are the tournaments that often determine who’s going into March Madness. Sure, the ones for the big conferences are often about positioning, but often, for the name programs in the middle of the pack, these tournaments are their last opportunity to do something to get themselves into the big dance. So, as the stakes get higher, we make sure that our players can bet on these games, too. 

Mid-major conference tournaments, the tournaments for smaller conferences, really have as high of stakes as the March Madness, when you think about it. After all, if these teams lose these games, that’s kind of it. They probably aren’t going to the NIT or the CIF or anything else — they’re done. For most of these players, they aren’t going NBA either, so this is it on their basketball career. That gives these games the highest stakes imaginable, and you can find them at our site as well. 

March Madness and Beyond

Of course, all of these games are leading up to the same thing: March Madness. March Madness online betting is one of the biggest opportunities at our site, not far behind the Super Bowl. These are the games that everyone watches, even the people who don’t know all that much about college basketball. Whether you’ve been watching every game for years, or you pick teams because they have cool names, or any amount of knowledge in between, you can bet on NCAA basketball games at our site. 

When we say “bet on these games,” we mean more than just “bet on the winner” (although, you can do that, too). We also make it possible to, in many cases, bet throughout the game as well. That means you bet on who’s ahead at the end of the first half, who players better in the second, and vice versa. We want to bring you as close to the action as possible, so we give you more chances to bet. March Madness will be here before you know it, so it’s around that time to start doing your research to get ready. You can find all that need right here at BetNow.