A Five Step Guide to Betting on the NCAA

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting on the NCAA

NCAA men’s basketball betting is one of the most popular betting forms in the USA. Although it trails behind football and the NBA, it receives quite a sizeable piece of the betting action. Given its availability on both retail and online platforms. With over 32 conferences in tow and 350 schools participating, it has become a quickly growing platform as games are available on most days of the week. With this in mind, it is prudent to tweak a formula to increase profitability when placing your wagers. Here are some simple steps to help maximize your winnings while betting on the NCAA. 

Betting on the NCAA: Bet Only Where There is Value

The whole purpose of gambling involves placing of wagers with the aim of obtaining profit. A value bet involves staking where the belief is that the outcome is greater than the implied probability in the odds available in the market. Let us use an example, The Kansas Jayhawks play the Duke Blue Devils. Through a thorough analysis, the Jayhawks are in scintillating form against a Duke side that is not in form and for this they have a 47% chance of winning. We are given odds of 3.20 for a Jayhawks win. This makes our wager a value bet. Understanding this concept will enhance profitability while betting on the NCAA. You will be able to distinguish better options and earn more from them as compared to just plainly betting  

Bet on Markets You Know

While some markets offer good odds, it is best to place your bets on those that you are familiar with and whose workings you understand. Let us say that you are familiar with moneyline betting but not spread betting. Moneyline betting involves the placing of a wager on one of two teams going head to head. Spread betting on the other hand is a form of betting which is deals with the prediction of margins of the final scores. In the case of The Kansas Jayhawks playing against the Creighton Bluejays, the spread is listed by the sportsbook as: Kansas Jayhawks -8.5 @ 2.50, Creighton Bluejays +8.5 @ 2.50. This means that the Jayhawks are the favorites as they have the minus handicap. The Bluejays have the plus handicap, this makes them the underdogs. If you were to place a bet on the Jayhawks to win, they must win with a margin of 9 points or more. For the Bluejays to win, they should lose with less than an 8 point margin. Without knowing how such a market works, it becomes easy to lose your money by haphazardly placing wagers. 

Utilize Proper Bankroll Management 

A bankroll is the amount of money set aside exclusively for the purpose of placing wagers. This amount will vary for every different person as everybody uses what is within their means. The bankroll needs to be an amount that poses no extra risk to the one placing the bet in the case of losing. As a gambler, greed is often the worst enemy you can face while betting on the NCAA, or on other sports. Most people lose as a result of not properly managing the amount of money they stake. Even a seasoned gambler can end up in such a situation as they can place the whole bankroll on a single wager under the pretext of “go big or go home”. This is a dangerous practice that is bound to lead to losses and thus should be avoided. Discipline in managing your bankroll is critical in enhancing your maximum profitability in the long run. 

Bet on Teams You Are Familiar With  

This goes without saying but always ensure to place wagers on teams that you know. It is easier to analyze and predict the outcome of teams that you have been following. In the case of form, injuries or even transfers, it is always good to stick to what you know rather than utilizing odds offered to make decisions on what to wager. Knowledge is power and this is evident where simply knowing about a team’s current condition may provide an opportunity. For an example, The Kentucky Wildcats play the Creighton Blue jays. The Wildcats may have been having a sensational season but injuries to two of their key players may occur. This means that they will not be at full strength. The Bluejays who were having a decent season have a healthy rotation and since they play away from home, have odds of 2.99. Compared to the Wildcat’s odds of 1.70. Simply knowing about the current situation puts you in a position to make better decisions when staking your wagers. This in turn increases yields 

Assess Your Teams Properly and Keep a Record of Your Betting  

This is a critical step in that making analytical mistakes may translate to losses in wagers placed. Having a record of your previous bets also helps you analyze your own patterns. This enables you to learn to avoid mistakes that may pan out and cause you to lose future wagers while betting on sports online

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