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NBA Playoff Betting: Round 1 and Beyond

Are you looking to get into the best NBA playoff betting? Do you want to bet on the biggest and best games as they come? Then look no further than BetNow. Here at our site, you’ll be able to bet on what you want to bet on when you want to bet on it. Indeed, we’ve got everything you need for Game 6 (and Game 7 if necessary) as well as the entire first round. 

It’s also important to point out that we offer so much more than just betting on the NBA playoffs. Sure, that’s what’s big on this particular day, but, there’s so much more coming. For example, the NHL playoffs start Monday and they go well into June. The baseball season has just gotten started, but some of the teams have really begun to separate themselves. Of course, with the NFL draft wrapping up, there will be plenty of futures betting to do before the season. 

NBA Playoff Betting Game 6 (and 7 if Necessary) 

There’s only one series still going in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs. But, it’s a doozy – the Minnesota Timberwolves host the Grizz tonight in the NBA playoffs. By the time you read this, you’ll know whether or not there will be a Game 7. We have the Grizz as a road favorite, by 1.5 points, to beat the Wolves and go on to the second round. 

But, as you can clearly see, 1.5 points isn’t exactly a stunning, giant number. Indeed, the Wolves could beat that and force a Game 7 back in Memphis. Should that be the case, you will, of course, be able to bet that here at our site as well. How do you see this going? Do the Wolves force that Game 7? Or, do the Grizz move on to take on the rest of the West on the way to the Title? 

Round 2 in the East 

The 2nd round of the playoffs will start on Sunday, regardless of what goes on in that Game 7. Indeed, the second round starts bright and early with the champions, the Bucks, head into Boston to take on the Celtics. This is a real series between two teams that very well could win it all (to say nothing of how much green will be on the court). How do you feel it going? 

Our handicappers have the Celtics taking game 1. In fact, we don’t have it as all that close, with, as of this writing, the Celtics as a 4.5 point favorite. They’re a very good team playing at home. But, it can be hard to bet against the champs. How do you feel about this series? Do the Celtics hold court on their court? Or, do the Bucks snatch home court advantage? 

That, of course, isn’t the only series in the East. The other series begins the next day, on Monday, as the Sixers head south to take on the Miami Heat. Both good teams during the season, both genuine championship threats. How do you see this one? 

We have the Heat as 4 point favorites in their court. The Sixers are good, but are they good enough to overcome this? Or, will the Heat burn through them on their way to the East Finals? 

Round 2 in the West 

The one West series we do know doesn’t start till Monday, but it too is a doozy. Indeed, Dallas heads to Phoenix to take on the defending Western champions. How do you feel about the Mavs? We have this as our biggest of the 2022 NBA betting lines so far this round 2. 

We have the Suns as 5.5 point favorites in their home court over the Mavs. The Mavs are good, but are they good enough to beat the Suns at home? How do you feel about it? You can bet this and so much more here at BetNow.