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2021 Online Sportsbook to Bet NCAA Basketball

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 Online Sportsbook

You know about March Madness. You know it’s just around the corner. However, that said, it’s not really here yet. Yes, it’s “around the corner,” but the corner is actually pretty big. That “corner,” in fact, is a great opportunity for you to make big bucks betting on the games that you want. See, we all know that many of the biggest schools are going to be in the NCAA tournament. We know that’s coming, they know it, the NCAA knows it, etc. But, there are plenty of conference tournaments that, along the way, can get more and more teams in. You can bet it all here at the best 2021 online sportsbook, BetNow. 

2021 Online Sportsbook for the Mid Major Tournaments

Sure, they’re called “Mid Majors” because these aren’t the “power” conferences. However, this is basketball, not football. There are plenty of spots to go around. So, each of these small matchups get a guaranteed spot in the NCAA tournament. This means that these games are going to be competitive indeed. Sure, the teams that win might not be the highest seeds once the tournament starts up. However, this is where, quite literally, Cinderella comes from. 

So, we’ve got a few great examples of that coming up for you. In the first round of the West Coast Conference Tournament, Portland U is playing Santa Clara. Santa Clara has been to the tournament before, as you may recall. The handicappers certainly think they have a better chance of going back, at least getting closer than Portland. As of this writing, Santa Clara is a thirteen point favorite. That’s a big spread. Do you think they’re going to cover that? Or, do you believe that Portland U will keep it close or win outright? 

That’s far from the only Mid Major tournament going on this weekend. The Missouri Valley Tournament is in full swing, too, with the quarterfinals taking place. In an early game, Evansville plays Indiana State. State is favored here by five, but that’s a small line. By that same token, later on in the Missouri Valley, Valparaiso played Missouri State, with Missouri State being an eight point favorite in that one. 

All of the Other Games 

While many of these Mid Major games are going on, the power conferences are still playing too. Indeed, many of their conference tournaments go right up to Selection Sunday. So, they might not play their games for a while. That said, they’re still playing conference games on their way to the tournament. For example, Boston College heads to Miami for some ACC action. The Canes are 2.5 point favorites in this one.

Continuing with the ACC, the Ramblin’ Wreck heads to Wake Forest. In a show of what the handicappers think of the two teams, Georgia Tech is a nine point favorite on the road. Obviously, home court advantage isn’t what it was in the past (when the crowd could seemingly be on top of you) but that’s still a big number on the road. Do you think Georgia Tech can cover it? Or, is this the kind of game where Wake Forest can keep it close or even score the upset? 

In the MAC, Miami of Ohio goes to Akron. Akron is a six point favorite at home against the Red Hawks. In fact, there’s all kinds of MAC action (excuse us, “MAC-tion”) this evening across the conference. Northern Illinois travels to Central Michigan, while Kent State goes to Buffalo. Both of those games have the home teams favored by around five points, respectively. 

It’s easy to get caught up in March Madness, the best college basketball betting experience of the year. But, it’s far from all of the betting that will go on throughout this month. You don’t have to wait for March Madness to get here. There’s plenty of other betting going around. You can bet it all here at BetNow.