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2021 NFL Sports Betting is (Almost) Back

July. The MLB All Star Game. The… end of hockey as well as basketball (due to the pandemic but not in any other year). Summer is in full swing. You know what that really means… Yes, the NFL is almost back. We’ve been waiting since Brady held the Lombardi yet again for the new season to start. The draft is always great, but it’s not the same as seeing the players out there. Well, that’s about to happen… soon, and perhaps sooner than you think. In a few weeks’ time, it’ll be time for training camps to open. From there, the preseason will begin. Of course, all of the 2021 NFL sports betting will be here all season long at BetNow. 

2021 NFL Sports Betting Starts 8/5/21 

That’s a very specific date less than one month from today. Why that day? Because it’s the night of the Hall of Fame Game. Always the very first preseason game, it will have special resonance this year. After all, that’s because the game was canceled last year. So, they moved it one year into the future. It will be between two of the league’s most decorated teams: the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

This year’s Hall of Fame class is going to have a larger than ever number of players to go in, which will give the Hall of Fame game more meaning. For the Steelers in particular, they’ll welcome into the Hall of Fame offensive lineman Alan Faneca, safety Troy Polamalu, and coach Bill Cowher. You might think “oh, this is just a preseason game, what could it mean?” Remember: the last time the Steelers played in the Hall of Fame Game (2015 against Minnesota) their then-kicker Shaun Suisham suffered a career-ending injury trying to make a special teams tackle. Of course, you’ll find all of the betting you want right here at BetNow. 

The Rest of the Preseason and Beyond 

One week later, the rest of the preseason will kick off. Remember: there’s less preseason this year! Every team (other than the Cowboys and Steelers) will have three games, not four. Instead, that fourth preseason game becomes a 17th game for every team… which you’ll also be able to bet at BetNow. So, you’ll have everything you need throughout the season. 

Betting on preseason games is a bit different than betting on regular season games. For example, in a regular season game, you bet (probably) based on who the best players are. That’s who’s, (barring an injury) going to be playing in the game the most, after all. The teams are trying to win, so they want to have their best players on the field. 

Preseason doesn’t work like that. After all, the teams are not “trying” to win. Sure, winning is nice, and you’d prefer to win other than prefer not to win. But, that’s not the point of the games. Rather, it’s talent evaluation. The teams want to see where they are, who can make the team, and who shouldn’t be on the team. Moreover, they want to see how new offenses, new defenses, and more can be executed. 

So, when looking to bet on the NFL preseason, you might want to think about which coaches tend to play their starters the most. Or, alternatively, which teams you think had the best draft classes. After all, those are probably going to be the players who play the most of the game. That’s what the coaches want to see, who they want to find out if they’re going to be able to help the team when the games count, too. NFL is almost here! Until then, you can find everything you need to bet right here at BetNOw!