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2021 NFL Betting After the Draft

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 NFL Betting

The 2021 NFL Draft has ended. All 250 plus players have been chosen. The Undrafted Free Agents have also been picked and signed with teams. Soon, it will be time for Rookie Minicamp, then walkthroughs (should teams decide to have them) and then it’s off till training camp. But, we’re less than two weeks from the schedule being released. There’s always time for 2021 NFL betting. In fact, if you’re betting futures, there might be no better time than now. 

2021 NFL Betting in Early May: Lock Those Odds In 

You might say: “why are you writing this? Why would I bet any NFL games when there won’t be any games for almost four months at the very least?” Well, the reason is that we opened up our NFL Futures Odds. So, you can go to our site, right now, and bet on the Futures. 

Now, as you might imagine from the title “Futures,” you’re not exactly setting a bet here that’s going to pay off next week. These are bets for the upcoming season, the 2021-2022 NFL season. So, those games have to end to see whether or not you’ve won. But, that said, this could be the best time all year to bet on these NFL games. 

Why? Because you can lock in the odds you want. Say, for example, you really believe in the Arizona Cardinals. You like what they’ve done. You think this is the year for Kyler. They’re going to put it all together, and they aren’t just going to be a few flashes, but rather, they’re the real thing and this is the time. So, you want to bet on them to win the Super Bowl. Sounds like a great idea, why not wait to see how they do throughout the season? 

The Futures: Soon the Present 

Because, if you wait during the season, those odds go down. Continuing with the Cardinals as the hypothetical here, think about it. You know, as of early May, in your heart, the Cards are going to win the Super Bowl. You just know it. Crunching the numbers and doing the research has told you this is what’s going to happen. But, you decide to wait, wait till the season goes on. 

Of course, you knew the Cardinals were going to be good, and, this season, they are. They rocket to the top of the NFC West, beating out those teams that others thought might be better than them. They tear through the NFC, with some hiccups along the way, to the Super Bowl, just as you knew would happen. 

But, if you decide to bet then, once they’re already doing well, the odds would have dropped. Dropped quite a bit, in fact. As of this writing, the odds of the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl are plus 4000. Read that again: plus 4000. So, they’re an underdog, a real underdog – not many other folks think that they’re going to do all that well this season. 

Yet, should you wait to bet on them till the season has gone on, then those odds could drop. Should they have a great season that leads to a Super Bowl berth (or even the playoffs) those odds are going to be much, much better than plus 4000. So, if you know now, now is the time to buy. 

Of course, we just used the Cards as an example here. There are any number of other examples as well. Really, if you want the best money making odds, this is the time to bet. Even the Bucs, a defending champion who returns just about everybody are going off at plus 600. If you’ve ever considered betting on who’s going to win the Super Bowl, now is the time to do it. Of course, you can bet all NFL season long here at BetNow.