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2021 NCAA Basketball Betting on March Madness

It’s here!! Sing it, shout it, yell it at someone over Zoom – March Madness has arrived. The tournament is finally upon us. 64 teams, 32 games, and that’s just the first round – (yes, yes, we know there’s more than that, with the first four games, etc.) Of course, you’ll be able to bet these games however you want here at BetNow. We have everything you need to get more out of your 2021 NCAA basketball betting, no matter how you prefer to bet. Whether you want to go game by game or you want to do the brackets, you’ll be able to do it here at BetNow. 

2021 NCAA Basketball Betting Brackets 

We’ve got the best bracket contest. How do you know it’s the best bracket betting contest? Money. Ours is a million dollars. That’s a bit better than your office one, to say the very least. Really, with that kind of prize, it ensures that we’re going to get the best of everyone’s bracket. After all, imagine that this is the year that you do really well, that you have more teams than anyone else – wouldn’t you feel terrible if you didn’t bet it with us? That would mean you cheated yourself out of a lot of money. 

Perhaps the best part of this contest is that it’s free. It’s a free entry form. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, and like there must be some kind of catch to it, or something like that. The only catch is (and this is an easy one) you have to be an active client of BetNow! For just about all of you, that isn’t going to be a problem. After all, if you’re reading this blog, odds are that you’re already an active client of BetNow or you were in the past. Just do that and you’ll be on your way to the big bucks. 

Beyond the Brackets 

The bracket is most associated with the NCAA basketball tournament, sure. Whenever we see brackets in our lives, that’s the one thing we always think of: the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. That said, they’re far from the only way we have to bet on March Madness games. There are many, many others. For example, you could bet these games just going game by game. 

Let’s use an example of a 16 and 1 matchup: Drexel playing against Illinois. As of this writing, the Drexel Dragons are a 22.5 point underdog to the top seeded Illini. So, you could bet Illinois to cover or you could bet that the Dragons will keep it within 22 points. 

We also make it possible for you to bet on the over/under of this game, too. This game tends to be in the middle of the pack with such things, so to speak, as we have the over/under right now at 143.5 points. So, we’re imagining mostly a defensive struggle through these two teams. How do you see it? Will it be a shootout? Will one team blow out the other? Or, do you see it as going even under that number between two defensively-conscious teams? 

Lastly, we have the odds as well. This game might not be the best example of this, as Illinois is such a heavy favorite. But, if you pick an underdog to win and they do so, you could make an awful lot of money. For example, say Drexel shocks the world and wins this game. With odds of plus 1750, you would be in quite a position to make out like a bandit if the Dragons were to win. 

That said, the Fighting Illini are such a heavy favorite, that their odds are minus 3500. So, most people think that the Illini are going to win going away, so you wouldn’t make all that much money if you picked them to win (unless you bet quite a bit). Of course, as this is BetNow, you can bet on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first half, who’ll score more in the second, and everything else. All of our other sports are going on at this time, too. Good luck from those of us at BetNow.