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2021 NBA Betting Before the Play-In Games

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 NBA Betting

This is the first year of the new NBA playoff system. We’ve never seen anything like it. Really. It’s going to be wild. Not dissimilar to the NCAA, there will now be “play in” games. Basically, even if you’re in the 9th or 10th position after the end of the regular season, you still have a chance to compete (although you do have a steep, steep road to climb). That said, it’s going to make 2021 NBA betting on the playoffs wilder than ever before (and they were pretty wild to begin with). As ever, you’ll be able to bet on all of this here at BetNow. 

2021 NBA Betting With Something to Play For 

In a normal regular NBA season, the Washington Wizards would be done. They would be playing out the string, getting ready for summer, about to send out the “Thank You Fans” email. But, with the new system, they’ve still got a chance. They have to hold off the Bulls for the 10th position. With that, the Wizards will be able to play the 9th place team (whether it’s the Pacers or the Hornets) and then see who moves on. 

But, to do that, it’s in the Wizards’ best interests to start doing some winning now. Specifically, in this game they’ve got against the Cavs. The Cavs might only be playing for pride (and draft positioning) at this point, but pride can be a powerful motivator. Particularly if a team doesn’t show up in the first half, or takes their opponent lightly. As ever, at BetNow, you can bet on the first halves of these games as well (in addition to the different quarters). That way, if you know that a team starts slow you can make some money for it. 

A Big Saturday 

You know it’s a big deal when the league announces the game times and that makes real news. Saturday, we’ve got all of the games that matter (which is, of course, all of the games). That means you’ll be able to bet on the Lakers playing at the Pacers. The Lakers, if you’ve looked at the standings recently, don’t have that little mark next to their names saying they’re in the playoffs. Are they going to be? Probably. That said, it would behoove them to win this game against Indiana to give themselves the best chance and possibility there. 

Speaking of Indiana, the Pacers want to win this game, too. With the Play-In system, there’s a big difference between being the nine seed and being the eight seed. If you’re the eight seed, and you lose, you’ve still got a chance to move on (you just have to beat the winner of the nine and ten games). That said, if you fall to the nine seed, and then you lose to the ten, that’s it for the season. So, the Pacers indeed do have plenty to play for. 

2021 NBA betting: Big Games All Weekend 

The team that the Pacers are trying to beat out for that eight seed has their own big game against the Knicks. The Hornets don’t want to fall to the nine seed anymore than the Pacers do. If the season ended today, the Hornets would be ahead on the tiebreaker, but the season doesn’t end today. It would behoove the Hornets to win this game against the Knicks. 

The Knicks want to win, too. Right now, they’re tied with the Heat more or less. The Heat are ahead on the tiebreaker, but some wins for the Knicks could make sure that changes rather quickly. So, the Knicks want to win this game, too. Who do you have in this matchup? 

On the subject of the Heat, they’ve got a big game with the Bucks, too. The Bucks may not be in a position where they can catch the others, but they still want to go into the playoffs on a high note. By that same token, the Heat want to stay ahead of the Knicks. As ever, the best in basketball is coming all season long here at the best sports betting online, BetNow!