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MLB Betting for Fun and Profit (Mostly Profit)

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 MLB Betting Site

The All-Star Game is just days away. However, the season really has already heated up. This is the first real baseball season in a long time. Sure, having baseball during the pandemic was great and important. But, it just wasn’t the same. This year, though, this year, baseball is truly back. Packed crowds, big games, long balls (and even a bit of cheating) — this year has it all. As ever, we’ve got all of the MLB betting you could ever want here at the best 2021 MLB betting site, BetNow. That means betting on all of the games, every day. But, it also means betting on them in unique ways, too. 

2021 MLB Betting Site Every Day 

On any given day, for any given game, we’ll give you some basics. That means you’ll be able to bet our handicappers line, the over/under, as well as the odds. So, to use a game from today (soon to be played within half an hour) we’ve got the Phils headed to Wrigley to play the Cubs. There, the Phils are a 1.5 run favorite. It’s Wrigley, so our handicappers have it as fairly high scoring, with an over/under of 10 runs. If you want to bet the odds, that means you can take the Phils at -134 or the Cubs at +124. This is a fairly close line between two fairly evenly-matched teams. That’s the way a lot of today is, as all of our lives today are 1.5. 

But, maybe you’re tired of betting the over/under, the odds, or the spread. That’s fine. After all, that’s what folks have been betting on baseball since the “Black Sox” scandal (and before that). So, at BetNow, we wanted to be able to offer you more ways to bet on the baseball that you love. This means being able to bet on the baseball game in new ways, while using all of the information, research, and intuition you already have. 

Betting Baseball Every Way 

In five innings, a game becomes “official.” That means if there’s some kind of weather stoppage (or stoppage due to anything else) the game can “count.” It won’t be made up later in the season. Rather, the game has gone final and the game was played, it’ll be in the stats, all of that. That’s the way baseball has done it forever. 

To fit in with that, we’ve made it so that you can bet on the first five innings of a game. You can find this on our site at the “MLB 5 Innings Odds” section. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you’ll bet on the first five innings of the game. This can be a real boon to those of you who know the most about one starting pitcher or another. This is a great way to take advantage of that knowledge. By that same token, if you know that one starting pitcher isn’t so great, well, this is a good way to take advantage of that knowledge, too. 

You can also bet on the “total runs” scored by one team or another. These tend to be “over/unders,” but just for one team. So, in the game above, you would bet on whether the Phils are going to score more or less than five and a half runs. By that same token, you could bet on if the Chicago Cubs are going to score four and a half runs. Again, this is great if you know that one team is particularly good (or particularly bad) against a certain pitcher or vice versa. 

Don’t forget about “winning margin odds,” too. In the game, the teams are just trying to win. But, if you have a feeling about how much one team will win, this is the bet for you. In this game, you can pick the Phils to win by one, two, three, or even four or more. You can do the same for the Cubs as well as every other team in baseball. There’s no limit to how you can bet at BetNow on Baseball and everything else!