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2021 College Basketball Betting as the Tournament Goes On

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 College Basketball Betting

How’s your bracket looking? Good? Rough? Did you have the weekend right? Hopefully, your bracket is still in the hunt, with all kinds of great opportunities for you to continue to win throughout the weekend, on your way to the championship. That said, not everyone’s bracket does look great. “Bracket Busters” have that name for a reason, after all. However, even if your bracket is busted that doesn’t mean that you’re out of the tournament, far from it. In fact, you can still get into 2021 college basketball betting throughout the rest of the tournament, so that you can win (even if your bracket doesn’t). 

2021 College Basketball Betting the Regional Semifinals 

Sure, they’re called the “Regional Semifinals” technically, but you know them by a better name: the Sweet Sixteen. These are the 16 teams that got through the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. They’re already accomplished so much to get here. One of these sixteen teams will win the tournament. However, eight of them will win their Sweet Sixteen game and then four of them will win their Elite Eight game. You can pick the winners at our site no matter what happens to your bracket. 

Traditional powers in unusual places have been a bit of a theme throughout the tournament. You’ll get some of that early on in the Sweet Sixteen as Villanova is a 6.5 point dog to Baylor. How do you see this going? Can Villanova summon the spirit of seasons past or do the Bears knock them off on their way to their own dance with destiny? 

Speaking of dancing with destiny, congratulations to everyone who had Oral Roberts in the Sweet Sixteen. Obviously, we can’t tell tales out of school here at BetNow, but, as you might imagine, that wasn’t all that many of you. That said, they’re playing a tough Arkansas team. Arkansas is an 11.5 point favorite. However, Oral Roberts was a big underdog in their earlier games and won. Can that continue here? 

On the subject of underdogs, just about all of us know about Sister Prejean at this point. Once again, her Loyola Chicago team is in the Sweet Sixteen. Once again, they’re playing a power conference team, the Oregon State Beavers. Is this where Loyola Chicago falls down again, or do they roll onto the Elite Eight

Still More Sweet Sixteen and Beyond 

Jim Boeheim gets his teams through the tournament. It’s been that way for decades. Of course, this coming weekend, they’re a six point dog to a tough Houston squad. The Sweet Sixteen rounds out with a collection of teams that are traditional powers as well as those that in the last decade or so have established themselves as traditional powers. 

In the East Region, Florida State plays Michigan. Michigan is, once again, a basketball team to be reckoned with. They’re a three point favorite over the Seminoles. How do you see this one going? Can Michigan take control here? Or, is this a game where the ACC is once again going to beat the Big 10? 

Gonzaga is one of those teams that, a decade ago, many people may not have heard of. But, they just keep going to the tournament and winning in the tournament, and now it’s a surprise when they don’t do well. Of course, they’re made the Sweet Sixteen again, which is such a testament to the program they’ve built up there. That said, they’re up against a tough team with Creighton. Can Creighton do it? Or, are the Bulldogs going to continue on to the Elite Eight? 

As of this writing, we only know who’s going to be in the Sweet Sixteen. But, when the Elite Eight is decided, you’ll be able to bet online on NCAA basketball games at BetNow. Of course, you’ll be able to bet the Final Four as well as the Championship Game, too. As ever, you can bet it all at BetNow!