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2021 Betting on NFL Draft: Potential Surprises

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 Betting on NFL Draft

You never really know what’s going to happen in the NFL. That’s true for every game. That’s also true for the draft. Sure, there’s things we think we know. There are things we can predict. But, somewhere along the way, something shocking is going to happen. Of course, maybe what’s “shocking” to someone else isn’t shocking to you. Should that be the case, you can bet on it here at BetNow. If you know what some of the surprises of the draft are going to be, you could make big bucks 2021 betting on NFL draft right here. 

Betting on NFL Draft 2021: A Generational Talent, But Where’s He Going? 

The first pick in the draft is probably going to be Trevor Lawrence. There are no absolutes in life, you can bet on anything you’d like, etc. etc. etc. – but, Trevor Lawrence is, in all likelihood, going to be the first player taken in the draft. (Which you can bet on right at BetNow.) 

However, if you talk to plenty of scouts about who the “best” player is in the draft, many of them will come back with an answer that might be a bit surprising — Kyle Pitts. If you don’t know Kyle Pitts, he’s a tight end from the University of Florida. By many, he is considered a generational talent, the best tight end to come into the draft in some time. 

You can bet on where Kyle Pitts is going to go, and if you get it right, you can make quite a bit of money doing so. Is he going to Atlanta, to join that already great list of wide receivers? Will he be Joe Burrow’s go-to target for years to come? How about the Dolphins? The Broncos? Who is picking that high that is only a tight end (and not a QB or anything else) away? 

After Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, Then What? 

If you’re like so many others, you’ve read plenty of mock drafts. They’re an easy way for sports writers and analysts to get clicks, people like them, there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of them have some general consensus, even though each will vary greatly. One of the greatest variations you might have noticed are the quarterbacks after Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. 

In the last few weeks, it seems that the common wisdom has calcified into thinking that Mac Jones will most likely go to the Niners. That said, Trey Lance and Justin Fields are incredibly talented QBs, but where do they go? The Broncos are a popular spot. But, it is entirely possible they fall. There was a mock draft recently that had Trey Lance fall to Pittsburgh at 24. That feels like a fall that’s way too far… or is it? Where do you see these QBs going? 

First Running Back? 

In the last so many years, conventional wisdom has come around to the idea that you don’t draft a running back in the first round. The idea is that teams don’t get much “value” out of it. There are plenty of great running backs available later on, you only get them for five years and then you have to pay them a lot of money – teams tend to shy away more from drafting running backs than they used to. 

That said, in the first round, someone is drafting a running back. Miami, Buffalo, the Jets, the Steelers, the Bucs, and others – they’ve all been tied to one running back or another. Are they going to draft the backs? 

And if so, which one goes first? Najee Harris did just about everything that a running back could do in college, and he’s as strong and well-rounded as it gets. Travis Etienne, however, might not be quite as strong as Harris, but he’s much, much faster. Javonte Williams from North Carolina has risen up the ranks. He didn’t play much in college, but he’s big, fast, and hasn’t had many carries, so he doesn’t have the “wear and tear.” Which running back goes first? You can bet on NFL online and more at BetNow.