2021 Baseball Betting on Opening Day

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2021 Baseball Betting

It’s here! Well, almost. Opening Day. That’s the one day of the year when every team is undefeated. No one’s lost yet. Every team has hope. From the Pirates to the Yankees, everyone has the same chance to win the World Series. There are magical days throughout the year, and Opening Day is absolutely one of them. Here at BetNow, we’ll have the best in 2021 baseball betting from Opening Day through the last out of the World Series. 

2021 Baseball Betting on the National League 

This year, for perhaps the final year, the National League is not going to have a pinch hitter. For one final year (probably) the pitchers will be hitting. The purists hate it. But, it’s hard to argue that last year the game didn’t look a little better, get a bit more exciting, etc. So, enjoy this year while it lasts, as it may never come again. 

The first game of the season for the NL is, of course, at Wrigley Field. The Cubs host the Pirates. We’ve got the Cubs favored (obviously) but we may not have it as the runaway you might think. The Cubs have a lot to prove, while the Buccos are in the midst of an actual, honest to God rebuild. 

Later on in the NL, we’ve got a big National League East matchup with the Braves going to Philadelphia. We’ve got the Phils as a one and a half run favorite, but obviously , this could be a close one. This also very well could be a matchup that you see in the playoffs, too, between two contenders. 

Speaking of contenders, the defending champion Dodgers open on the road in Denver. There, the champs are a one and a half run favorite over the Rox, who may also be in the process of a rebuild. The Nationals trot out their new lineup a bit later on in the evening as they host the Mets. The Cards and Reds round out an exciting opening day in the National League. 

Betting the American League and Beyond 

The first game of the season in either league looks like it’s going to be the Yankees hosting the Blue Jays. Again, this is a matchup that you could see later on in the playoffs, too. The Yanks are, as you might imagine a one and a half run favorite at home. Who do you got? 

There are some intriguing matchups throughout the American League and Interleague games on Opening Day. We’ve got the White Sox going to Anaheim to play the Angels. Is this the year that the Angels finally get everything together? Speaking of “getting everything together,” this also looks like it might be the year in which the White Sox’ rebuild finally comes to an end, and they’re ready to compete for a championship. Do they get off to the right kind of start on Opening Day? 

Speaking of big rivalries, a tight one in the AL West starts the season in Oakland, as the As host the Astros. This is as big a rivalry as there is in the AL. It may not be the oldest rivalry, but it’s a grudge match for sure. 

Interleague matchups are always interesting, as there’s something different you may not have thought of previously. The “Battle for Florida” takes place as the Marlins host the Rays. The Giants go up the Pacific Coast Highway to take on the Mariners in Seattle. The Twins head over to Milwaukee to battle the Brewers and the Brew Crew. 

If there was ever a day to take off from work and everything else to just sit back and marinate in baseball, this is it. Should you want to do the betting equivalent of that, we’ve got you covered there, too. At our site, you can choose to go for the “Grand Salami.” That means you bet on baseball online on who’s going to score more: the home teams or the away teams. Here’s to a Grand Salami of a season!