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2020 NBA Playoffs: Don’t Be in a “Bubble” When Betting on NBA Games

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2020 NBA Playoffs

The phrase “be in a bubble” used to mean something different. Often, it would refer to someone who was so cut off from hearing information that they didn’t want to hear. Now, it could refer to players in the NBA, staying in the bubble they’re in for the games. This “bubble” has allowed the NBA to play the rest of the regular season and now, we’re into the 2020 NBA playoffs. Of course, you’ll be able to bet all of the NBA series here at BetNow. 

Western Conference, Eastern Conference, and More 

“West” and “East” may not mean much when it comes to all of the players staying in one location to play these games. But, it still means a lot when it comes to the games themselves. Of course, as ever, you’ll be able to bet on all of these games and more here at BetNow. 

So, as of this writing, tomorrow, the Nets play “at” the Raptors. (The Raptors will get what would be a “home game,” even though this particular game will be played far, far from Toronto.) Additionally, the Jazz will be at the Nuggets while the Sixers will be at the Celtics. Rounding out the night will be the Mavs at the Clippers. 

It may seem odd since, of course, this is August and these games aren’t played in front of thousands of screaming fans, but they mean just as much. At the end of the season, they are going to crown a champion. One of these teams is going to be an NBA champion, with everything that entails. You’ll be able to bet on the NBA action throughout all of the playoffs, right here at our site. 

The 2020 NBA Playoffs Continue 

Of course, the above is just for tomorrow. There are going to be games until someone is left alone to hold that trophy above their head. The Heat play at the Pacers, the Thunder at the Bucks, and the Trailblazers at the Lakers. Dame, LeBron, all the greats are playing in these games. You can bet on them however you’d like at our site. 

Do you believe that this really is the Lakers year? Do you think the Blazers can do what so few were able to do during the season: beat LA consistently? Or, do you think that this is finally the Bucks chance to shine, to claim an NBA championship for the first time in quite a while? Or, do you think that someone who might be a little under the radar is going to take it? The Thunder, the Rockets, the Sixers, someone of that ilk – could they rise to the top? 

What makes these games so great (other than the fact that, you know, they seem to be safe and they’re being played) is that they could go in so many different ways. If you’re like so many of our bettors, for example, you’ve probably done extensive research into the games, these players, etc. You can still use that research in these games, of course. But, you might also want to throw it out, saying that, hey, this is a new year, a whole new thing, and no one knows what’s going to happen. There is plenty of opportunity in that uncertainty. 

So Many Chances to Win 

We give you more than just the games to bet on, of course. We also give you the opportunity to bet on them in any way that you would like. That means you can bet on the point spread, you can bet on the sports odds, you can bet the over/under, and so much more. However you want to bet these games, it’s all right here in front of you. Those are just some of the ways that we make it so you can bet – there are many more. 

The 2020 NBA playoffs are happening. Finally. They’re really here. They’re really a great way to make some money in the most exciting way, as they always are. Here’s to a great playoff season from your friends at BetNow!