Tennis Update: Djokovic to Get Jabbed, Nadal Not Satisfied with Grand Slam Title

Tennis Update: Djokovic to Get Jabbed, Nadal Not Satisfied with Grand Slam Title

Despite several dramatic turns and Djokovic not playing, the Australian Open has been spectacular with Nadal finishing ahead of his opponents. The tennis betting websites favored Nadal against Medvedev and he managed to win in style. As for Djokovic, he was out of the Australian Open since he failed to comply with the Covid-19 protocols. The path was clear for Nadal but his battle was still challenging until the end. It turns out that Nadal is still not satisfied with his success. On the other hand, Djokovic is finally deciding to get jabbed.

Djokovic’s Deportation

Australia deports Novak Djokovic after failing to comply with the rules of the Grand Slam. Djokovic was not vaccinated but was keen on playing the Australian Open which was highly impossible. The Serbian missed one of the most important events in his life despite trying his best. Djokovic is in a huge controversy and was not able to play. Every other player in the Australian Open got their vaccination except the world number one Djokovic. As per the rules, the Australian Open prevents him from playing.

After missing out on the Grand Slam things have taken a turn for the 34-year-old player. Djokovic is now ready for vaccination according to his biographer Daniel Muksch. Djokovic was one of the first players to extend his support to Nadal on his second Australian Open title. Muksch states that Djokovic might be ready for vaccination, especially after missing out on the tournament. He also stated that Nadal’s victory might be driving him to do so. Djokovic had played his last game on December 3, 2021. However, he is now looking forward to the Dubai Open that will take place from February 21.

Nadal Beats Djokovic and Federer

Rafael Nadal was on fire after he defeated Matteo Berrettini in the semifinals. Nadal pushed his way through to the finals and defeated Medvedev while winning the last three sets. Nadal struggled initially, but his comeback was strong. The Spanish star took out Shapovalov in the quarterfinals. Nadal’s success has now made him the top men’s tennis player of all time. Nadal recorded his 21 Grand Slam victory which is now one more than Roger Federer and Djokovic.

Grand Slam not enough for Nadal

Despite his glorious victory at the Australian Open, it’s still not satisfying for Nadal. Nadal states that he wants more titles. For him, 21 Grand Slams is not enough. Nadal is all set to hit the French Open in June and is expecting to win his 22nd Grand Slam. The Spanish player was the champion 13 times at the French Open. Nadal is now the best and is one of the greatest players of his time. However, he will still decide about playing at the Acapulco in Mexico later this month. The tennis betting picks for the Indian Wells tournament have been up and running already.