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NHL Lays Down Plans to Do Daily Testing to Players and Personnel

NHL Lays Down Plans to Do Daily Testing to Players and Personnel

The National Hockey League deputy commissioner Bill Daly has laid down the steps to return to business. One of them will be doing daily Covid-19 testing on their players. This action gives Top Sports Betting Websites a chance to return faster as well.

“It’s expensive, but we think it’s really a foundational element of what we’re trying to accomplish,” said Daly through

NHL lays down plans to do daily testing. It has been the same hurdle in any professional sports organization to return to play. This is mainly due to the amount of personnel needed to implement. In this case, the NHL plans to let teams travel with only 50 personnel and that will amount to 1,000 people for the entire league on a daily basis.

Players are required to do a daily routine of getting tested in the evening right before they leave the next day. The entire team will have to go into self-quarantine and if one tests positive.

The NHL will be spending a huge amount of money to purchase testing kits to implement this system. League commissioner Gary Bettman said that they will be using at least 25,000 to as much as 30,000 which costs at $125 each kit.

NHL show support on daily Covid-19 testing

Players have shown that they are willing to undergo the daily testing. They have also acknowledged that the league is putting their safety first above anything else.

“It shows the league is putting safety first but still wants to give us the opportunity to finish out the season that we all worked hard for,” Jayce Hawryluk of the Ottawa Senators complimented.

“It is nice to have the comfort of knowing you are being tested. Personally, I think most of my buddies who play would say the same thing as me,” he adds.

Chris Thompson of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who now has a 4-month old baby at home, has been vocal about his concerns resuming the NHL betting season and the safety of his family when he gets back home.

“If I go to practice or play and I come back home with the virus… that is my biggest worry,” said Thompson through the Associated Press. 

“You got to think about this, too: When we get back in training camp, you’re putting 90 guys away from 90 different places altogether. If that happens, a lot that a lot of us get sick.”

Bettman stated in ESPN that there is so much to learn about Covid-19 and there is still no clear path if a vaccine or treatment will be available soon. Nonetheless, the NHL will not try to limit the supply of test kits to the general public and they will only get enough for them to finish the season.

NHL to be the first major sports league to return to action

The movement of the NHL to prioritize the safety of their players. This will help them to be one of the first of the four biggest sports in the USA. NHL plans to make its return as compared to the NBA and MLB.

Currently, MLB is on a stalemate. Team owners and players’ association are at odds on how the league will return to action. This fiasco is driving fans away and giving them less hope for baseball to start again.

 On the contrary, NHL fans and Sports Betting have something to look forward to as ice hockey is not set to return.