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At our site, you have the opportunity to bet on college football at practically any time there is a college football game. We take great pride in that. College football is different than other sports because of the connection that alums can have to the school. You don’t even have to have gone to a school to root for it, it just has to be the school in your area, or the one that one of your parents went to, and so forth. We know how important so-called “small schools” can be, which is why we make college football betting possible on games that other places don’t offer. 

Bet on College Football: Wednesday Night Football 

No, the heading of this section of the blog isn’t a misprint. There is such a thing as “Wednesday Night Football.” Football, in basically any form (except the AAF) is a ratings boost. Even schools that maybe aren’t from so-called power conferences can get plenty of viewers during the college football regular season. So, ESPN, Fox Sports and other stations will put on college football at any time they can. 

Often, (and you see this in college basketball, too) the networks will suggest that schools play games at certain times to get on TV. A good example of that is something that’s occurring as of this writing: MAC schools (that’s the “Mid-American Conference”) playing on a Wednesday night. Wednesday, November 20th, isn’t exactly a major holiday. It’s not next week’s Thanksgiving, it’s not even Thursday night – but, as it’s the only football on, those networks want to carry these games. 

So, Toledo will be playing at Buffalo University while Akron will be at Miami of Ohio. If you go to other sports betting sites, you may not know that. They may not have these games available for you to bet on. However, at our site, you can bet on these exact games. Moreover, you can bet on their point spread, money line, and odds as well. That way, you can bet on these games exactly how you would like. 

More Games, More Opportunities 

“You can’t score if you don’t shoot,” is a sports quote that goes back to probably the very beginning of keeping score. Some version of that is often attributed to Wayne Gretzky. There’s truth in it: being too tentative can keep you from being successful. An addendum to it might be: “you can’t score if you don’t shoot or if there’s no game for you to play.” It’s hard to score if there’s no game going on whatsoever. What you need are opportunities. 

At our site, every single game is another opportunity. Really, every point spread, money line, and group of odds are another opportunity to win. Sure, not every game is going to be right for you, and it’s impossible for a person to keep track of every sport. But, at our site, you can find more opportunities to bet on your favorite games. That way, you can bet on the things that you want to bet on the most, the ones that can bring you the highest amount of success. At Betnow, you can pick your spots, so that you can shoot at those with the highest opportunity of scoring big. That may be college football, it may be the NFL, it may be a whole host of things. 

One Place for College Football Betting 

At our site, you can bet on the college football games no matter when they might fall. Some games will be on Friday night, some on Thursday Night, some on Saturday night, and so forth. When the games occur, you’ll be able to bet on them here. Wherever there’s college football, Betnow is there to make sure that you can bet the games that you want to bet on. Every game in college football matters, so we make sure that you’re able to get a bet down on literally every single game that you’re into. That’s our promise to you: if you want the game, you’ll be able to find it at our site. 

That’s true for every step of the college football season, too. Sure, anywhere has the big games, the ones between the power conference favorites that determine who’s going to the BCS. But, to the people who love the schools, the other games matter, too. Maybe there’s extreme bragging rights for a game between two teams even if it doesn’t get on major network TV, or if it’s played on a Wednesday night. When the game matters, when it’s played, you’ll be able to bet it at our site. You can always find the games on our site well in advance, too, so that you’ll be able to formulate a strategy and bet how you see fit.