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Special Olympics Golfer Lights up the Internet

The Waste Management Phoenix Open continues this week. However, online golf betting players might be hard strung to find a more inspirational and heartfelt moment than the one we saw before the tournament even kicked off. Thanks to Amy Bockerstette, a Special Olympics golfer with a tremendous attitude, the whole world got some motivation this week. During a practice round on Tuesday, Gary Woodland, the event’s defending champion, picked Amy from the crowd to play some golf. But that was just the start as Bockerstette’s par on the course light up the sports betting internet.

While Bockerstette wasn’t expecting this type of turnout, she handled herself masterfully in front of a crowd of thousands. With the cameras rolling, we were all able to partake in this heartwarming event.

Amy Bockerstette’s Impressive Sand Game!

Without a doubt, one of the most impressive aspects of Bockerstette’s game had to be how she handled the sand. Not only was she able to shake the nerves of performing in front of a large audience and cameras, she pulled of a play even the professionals could have struggled with. What was most impressive is the attitude she displayed. Full of confidence, we can see Amy reassuring herself that she had this. Ultimately we saw what a positive attitude can do on the pitch. But wearing that positivity and confidence on your sleeve is easier said than done, and we can all take inspiration from Bockerstette’s attitude and subsequent performance.

Woodland had some comments after watching Amy dazzle the crowd. Needless to say, his words accurately summarized how the online golf betting community felt when watching this short clip. It should be noted that these comments came from his Wednesday pre-tourney press conference.

“I told her she was an inspiration to all of us and we can all learn from her,” Woodland told the media during his presser. “She has dealt with some serious issues and she’s overcome them and she is phenomenal.”

No doubt about it, we all feel this way about young Amy. Throughout her performance she consistently displayed her confidence by assuring herself that she had it in the bag.

“She was so sweet, she was so excited and happy and that’s something we can all learn from.” Woodland continued. “When things aren’t going our way we can definitely look back at her. And I told her she was a hero and to keep doing what she’s doing because we’re all going to be following her.”

Woodland hits on an important point here. Bockerstette hasn’t been handed the best cards in life but with her attitude, she’s undoubtedly a hero for us all.

Unsurprisingly, Bockerstette is an accomplished golfer in her own right. She made the state tournament as a junior. On top of that, she signed a college letter of intent to play at Paradise Valley Community College. Needless to say, we will all be paying special attention to this rock star as she progresses through her career.

The 2019 Phoenix Open will continue this weekend, giving online golf betting players plenty of action to bet on. Mobile betting players can check out our sportsbook section to get a look at the odds.