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Sportsbooks Doubting Tennis Umpire at 2108 US Open

Sportsbooks Doubting Tennis Umpire

The US Open is underway this week, giving tennis sports betting fans one of the biggest events of the year. And while this is normally a time for sports betting players to sink their teeth into the riveting sportsbook action the event offers, most bettors are picking a bone with this year’s tournament. You see tennis umpire Mohamed Lahyani has come under flak this week due to a highly controversial mistake. During a US Open Match, Lahyani decided to make the unorthodox decision of giving Nick Kyrgios a pep talk. It appeared that Kyrgios had thrown in the towel, until the umpire stepped in. Let’s break down this move and take a look at why sportsbooks doubting tennis umpire could spell trouble for the sport moving forward.

Sportsbooks Doubting Tennis Umpire || 2018 US Open

In his US Open match, Kyrgios was behind 3-0 to Pierre-Hugues Herbert in the second set. This of course, was the Flushing Meadows this past Thursday. Due to the situation of the match, Kyrgios was feeling down on his luck. But that all changed after the umpire delivered one of the most bizarre spectacles tennis sports betting fans have ever witnessed.

Apparently Kyrgios was quite ready to throw in the towel on the match. This isn’t all that surprising given the players’ reputation. The 23-year old athlete has come under fire before for having a nonchalant attitude towards the sport. Clearly this attitude was building once again and it looked like Kyrgios was set to walk off the court.

For some reason, this prompted chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani to come down and talk to the player. Kyrgios was undoubtedly afflicted by Herbert’s stellar serve, which he had no response for so far in the contest. But with Kyrgios sitting with his head in between his hands, Lahyani came down to counsel him. Naturally the exchange wasn’t picked up by television microphones, but we did manage to hear “I want to help you, I know this is not you” being uttered by the ump.

Subsequently, several tennis stars expressed their discomfort with the umpire’s decision. How could you not? One could imagine that hearing a referee tell your opponent that they want to help him has got to make your blood boil. Especially when considering how competitive you must be to play tennis professionally. But athletes aren’t the only ones upset with the move. In fact, tennis sports betting players have plenty to be enraged about. After all, the ump’s decision directly affected the outcome of the match.

Sportsbooks Doubting Tennis Umpire || Betting Aftermath

The worst part of this debacle is that Kyrgios would go on to beat the Frenchmen in his match. This is the worst possible outcome. It would’ve been acceptable if Kyrgios came back and accepted defeat gracefully. But what we have here is an official stepping in an directly affecting the outcome of a match. This is unacceptable and mobile betting players understand this to a tee.

“It’s not the umpire’s role to go down from the chair.” Roger Federer stated his disappointments regarding the incident. “But I get what he was trying to do. He behaves the way he behaves. I don’t know what he said. I don’t care what he said. It was not just about ‘how are you feeling? Oh, I’m not feeling so well.’ Go back up to the chair.”

“He was there for too long.”

Federer’s statements reflect what we all believe. Ultimately this adds another steps for fans who love to bet on tennis. Now they will refrain from betting on a game with this specific umpire.